We helped you to catch clients through Internet

Doesn't Your Web appear on the front page of Google?
Is Your image little professional in the social networks?
Does Google show negative information on your brand?

Marketing online

We contribute value to your brand in Internet

Marketing online

It delegates marketing online in professionals and centers you in your tasks. Cityua we are your agency of marketing online in Bilbao.

Positioning in Google (SEO)

You want to see your Web Hosting in top 10 of Google.
Beam to grow your business easily attracting new clients with your Web.

Marketing in social networks

What image projects a company with its social networks without spark? Everything less confidence, and the confidence is the sale. It delegates that work in professionals.

Announcements in Google (SEM)

It catches clients publishing announcements in Google
We purify your campaign to lower costs and to improve ratios.

Management of the reputation online

What image communicates your brand in Internet?
If you do not control what Internet says of your company, others will do it by you.

Design Web

Clear, clean design, intuitive, U.S.able. A Web designed for the user. The important thing is not what you say, if not what the user understands.


Value that we contributed to our clients

The image name brand of your company, will depend to a large extent on the contents that are in Internet and of the quality of your marketing online. We managed it to you and optimized it using dedicated server.

One is not to have a design simply €œbeautiful€ Web, but in addition a visible Web in Google and that communicates with effectiveness (clear, clean, intuitive Web). He delegates that work in experts of marketing online.

Is Your Web a compendium of technical terms that bore to your potential clients? It changes already! The image of your Web is the image that communicates your company.

Our values as company

We are specialistic in SEO. Our competitive advantage is our knowledge in positioning Web on the front page of Google. Guaranteed by excellent results with the Webs of our clients.

Our agency of marketing online has a team of people with many years of experience in Reputation Online and Marketing in Social Networks.

We are specialized in creation of contents for Internet, with emphasis in the commercial approach of your Web for the sale and usability Web.

Our clients
Luis AranberriLuis Aranberri €œAmati±o€Person in charge of the Communication area of Petronor
Besides theoretical formulations and resounding terminologies, Cityua is, first of all and mainly, a solver of problems. Cityua takes in its own DNA the vocation on watch and the direction to the client: it is anticipated, you remembers it whichever times is necessary, does well and never it says no. Cityua is the personification, in digital format, of the mythical angel of the guard.
Gorka RuesgasGorka RuesgasProprietor of Prodisle SL.
Cityua manages all our action of marketing in Internet: the positioning of the Web in Google, management of social networks, development of the blog, campaigns of e-mail marketing and announcements in Google Adwords. They have known to know us, to adapt to the peculiarities of our sector and to fit the service to our concrete needs. From the home we have worked to taste with Cityua.
Olga PratsOlga PratsCoordinating Opera XXI
Opera XXI we are an association of theaters, Festivals and stable seasons of opera reason why we do not have much idea of interactive communication, is a luck to be able to count on a company as Cityua that finds solutions for any doubt or problem that we can find in our webpage, with kindness, effectiveness and rapidity, we would recommend it without repairs some.
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