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Blog of Cityua

Google My Business

Google My Business: How to put your company in the map?

January 28 2016

Pon your company in the map and Google to catch clients Google My Business, the best form to harness your pick up of clients to […] To read more

To create newsletters effective

To create Newsletters effective: the 5 fundamental keys

January 26 2016

How to create to newsletter that he is really effective? To create newsletters effective is all art, and in addition a very useful art. Although periodically his is certified […] To read more

Design Web responsive

Design Web Responsive: It is your Web prepared for 2016?

January 21 2016

It is your adapted Web to movable devices? Design Web responsive? If this sounds to you to Chinese, we asked it to you of another way: your webpage […] To read more

Benefits to use Google AdWords

Benefits to use Google AdWords: Why to announce in Google?

Dic 11 2015

The advantages to announce to you in Google AdWords Which are the benefits to use Google AdWords for a company? Without a doubt, these three: – Immediacy. – […] To read more

SEO in YouTube

SEO in YouTube: 4 keys to position a video

Dic 4 2015

How to make positioning SEO in YouTube? SEO in YouTube? Yes, of course: the SEO is not only used for Google and other finders, but also […] To read more

How to optimize a profile of LinkedIn

LinkedIn from zero: How to optimize your profile of Linkedin?

Nov 27 2015

You know how to create a good profile of LinkedIn? LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence, and has a great potential to generate opportunities of […] To read more

SEO in Bhelpu

SEO in Bhelpu: How to position a Web in China?

Nov 20 2015

How work does the SEO in China? Of what the SEO consists? We are very customary to that the answer to that question begins by […] To read more

Blog of Cityua Marketing Online

New features in Twitter

January 31 2015

You know the last new features in Twitter? The new features in Twitter show that the social network of the small bird has analyzed which are the App that use [more…] To read more

Social networks

5 things that you do not have to do in the Social Networks

January 16 2015

5 things that you do not have to do in the social networks if you want to have a faithful community and that it participates with your brand. If you manage some […] To read more

How to increase your sales in Christmas with the Social Networks?

Dic 10 2014

  How to sell more in Christmas with the Social Networks? You want to increase your sales in Christmas through the social networks? December already is here, […] To read more

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