5 things that you do not have to do in the Social Networks

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5 things that you do not have to do in the social networks if you want to have a faithful community and that it participates with your brand. If you manage some social network and you want to begin the year with good foot, it continues reading.

Five things that you do not have to do in the social networks:

1. That your last publication is of the 2012

According to what social platform it is not necessary to realise publications on a daily basis, but it is important that you maintain the regularity of a constant way. It analyzes when the publications have a greater reach and establishes a calendar of updates.

2. To leave a question without responding

One of the advantages to be present in the social networks is that it allows to create a service of attention to the fast and effective client. If we received a commentary or question that can be controversial, it is necessary to respond and to try to transfer the conversation to a private communication channel so that it is possible to be answered of a more customized way.  You do not forget to listen your community.

3. To publish “videos of kittens?

At the time of realising publications the objective is that content generates interaction, but it does not mean that it is due to resort to the videos of kittens or memes of the moment. It publishes content that contributes value to the followers.

4. “I, I and I?

To create publications of supplies or new features of the company is a good practice, but it is not due to fall in autobombo as only content to communicate.

5. To walk without compass

Before continuing publishing in the social profiles, stop to think to you which is the strategy and why you are in the social networks. Which are the objectives and what you want to obtain with this communication online. That publishing to publish standard does not become your ship.

If you want to be successful in social networks, it delegates that work in professionals of the Social Average Marketing.

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