6 benefits to have a Corporative Blog

advantages of a corporative blogWhat contributes company to him to have a Corporative Blog?

The benefits to have a Corporative Blog are numerous for the great majority of businesses. A blog is a powerful tool of marketing that constitutes an economic method of promotion online, fast, simple and direct.

If we maintain a corporative blog correctly, updating it with the due frequency, we can secure more contacts, increase the sales and fidelizar to the clients. It can be a very useful tool to achieve corporative objectives and to enter into a dialogue with our public. But we see with more detail the benefits than it offers to tell to us on a blog.

6 benefits to have a Corporative Blog:

  • 1 - Improvement the positioning Web. The corporative blog takes a main paper at the time of constructing the presence online of our organization. We must offer an interesting content for our hearing. Of this form, we can secure a great percentage of traffic to our Web through the realised visits to the blog. Using the suitable key words in each entrance of the blog, the Web of your company will raise positions in Google. This is due to that the blogs count on the characteristics that it likes to Google: excellent content, frequents update, the possibility of sharing in social networks…
  • 2- It improves the confidence towards the company. If you realise some publications on subjects of the company, the reader can know more close by the organization, which can foment its confidence in the same. In addition, also Web of the company gains in confidence as a result of the good positioning.
  • 3 - To establish a dialogue with our public. A corporative blog can work as a direct communication channel of double via with the clients, suppliers, partners and employees, creating interest conversations and knowing the interests or opinions these.
  • 4 - To impel calls to the action. In the entrances that we publish in the blog of our company we can invite to the hearing to conduct a battle, as it could be to share the content or to fill in a form. This “call to action? us can be useful to create data bases with the users who visit our corporative blog that, as well, can be potential clients.
  • 5- To obtain new leads. Between the advantages of a corporative blog it is the possibility of working as a platform to increase the number of visits to the Web of our company. These visitors can become leads, in potential clients.
  • 6- To distinguish itself as an expert. The ideal when creating a corporative blog is to focus us in thematic a specific one that it has to do with our activity or our sector. This way, we will be able to demonstrate the knowledge of our company in that field and the hearing will see us as an expert organization in our industry. In addition, we can be useful to show to examples of the success of products or services that we offer.

Already you are preparation to create your own Corporative Blog and to begin to catch new clients by Internet? Yes, we know that to open a blog and to spend to him to time and effort it is an arduous task that many companies cannot confront. For that reason, we invited to you to put to you with us without no commitment in 946 531 401 or info@cityua.net in touch.

It leaves the management of your corporative blog into the hands of professionals and centers you in your business.

If you are thinking about improving the position of your Web in Google, it always thinks about Cityua.

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