It affects the speed of load to our strategy of digital marketing?

Strategy of digital marketing

We explained one of the factors that can affect to your strategy of digital marketing

Within the strategy of digital marketing we must consider the speed of load of our dedicated server hosting Web, since Google considers the time that takes a Web in being so that this one appears in the first results search.

Google, to show in its results search some pages or others, mainly gives to importance to a series of parameters related to the experience of user and the speed of load. With respect to this last characteristic, several studies aim that when a website takes in being more than 4 seconds, the user leaves the site without seeing it. Reason why Google awards the Webs with a good WPO (Web Optimization Performance) or, which is the same, with a good speed of load and it places them in the first results search. But with this, from Cityua, we do not mean that it is a determining factor, but has great importance. In the article Positioning SEO for Web we explained the elements to you to consider to position a Web in finders.

In summary, what happens if our Web takes much in being? They can pass two things:

  • 1. That the users, who every time are more demanding, leave the Web before acceding to her. This, for the businesses e-commerce, would suppose an authentic disaster.
  • 2. That it affects negatively to the SEO, since Google, pleading for a good experience of user, penalizes those Webs that make lose the patience to the users.

For several Google years it is giving much importance to the speed of load, as we have mentioned previously, the WPO is not the main factor for the SEO, but that helps to position on the front page of results.

And why so is important the speed of load within our strategy of digital marketing?

Many studies indicate that the majority of users sails by Internet from his smartphones. This supposes to consume information of fast form, since many of us we took advantage of the trips to the work, the tails in the supermarket, to stare at Internet. With these data he is essential to have a vps web hosting Web that loading of agile form, not only to obtain some optimal results in the searches, but also to offer a good experience of user.

If it worries you that the speed of your Web affects to the strategy of digital marketing, ponte in touch with Cityua, we are expert in positioning in Google. You will be able to locate to us in the following info@cityua email or calling to 946 531 401.

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