Benefits of Google AdWords for SMEs

benefits of google adwords for SMEs

Have your would SME to announce in Google?

The benefits of Google AdWords for SMEs are numerous. We can say that the campaigns in Google are one of the most effective methods of publicity online, since a greater return of investment (ROI) by inverted Euro is obtained.

The system of AdWords has been perfected throughout the time, arriving at a level of segmentation and, therefore, personalisation that causes that it is a tool indispensable for the great majority of SMEs.

In addition, the campaign can be controlled and be regulated in real time. And you will not find physical barriers, since with this tool you can reach a great amount of public who is in distant places to your city (as long as he is a public who interests to your campaign).

If we spoke of the benefits of Google AdWords for SMEs, we would emphasize the following:

  • The segmentation. This tool allows you to segment your announcements of multiple ways: by cities, countries, for days, for hours…
  • Customized campaigns. Bandage the product or service that bandage, the personalisation of the announcements is fundamental. Of this form, you will avoid to lose money to obtain little excellent clicks. In addition, if Google AdWords detects that your announcements are little excellent will penalize to you, reason why will have to pay by each click and will appear more below your competitors. In the end, the paper of this tool is to be able to take quality visits to us.
  • Total control of your campaign. In AdWords you can be seeing the evolution of your campaign at the moment that you wish it. This allows that you can make the changes that you create advisable in any occasion. You can see the more successful key words, the announcements with better results…
  • You have the possibility only of paying if the users interact with your announcement. Between the benefits of Google AdWords for SMEs this one is the one that more usually likes the advertisers. The majority of advertising campaigns has a fixed cost independent of their success or level of interaction. Nevertheless, with AdWords the possibility only of paying when fits a user clicks “? in the announcement. The cost by click varies much following the quality of the word, the volume of searches, the number of advertisers, etc.

What is clear is that to secure a campaign of Google successful AdWords it is essential to realise a good preliminary study of the needs of the organization, to analyze the Web, to choose the suitable key words, to know which are the looked for key words more in our sector, to design effective announcements… It must have previous a strategic work for which many hours of dedication are necessary if we want that our campaign leaves profitable.

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