Benefits to use Google AdWords: Why to announce in Google?

Benefits to use Google AdWords

The advantages to announce to you in Google AdWords

Which are the benefits to use Google AdWords for a company? Without a doubt, these three:

– Immediacy.

– Reduced cost.

– Effectiveness

1. Immediacy

The SEO offers long term results and supposes a stable investment of resources, but it does not have why to be the only option for a company.  The announcements of Google AdWords offer the possibility of appearing to you in the first positions in the results search nothing else of activating the campaign.

Once you have selected the suitable key words and designed the announcement, your publicity will begin to be in Google, obtaining so more visitors, more potential clients, arrive at your website.

2. Reduced cost

Google AdWords has consolidated as the system of more effective publicity online of the world, and to a cost very reduced. If sometimes you have wondered yourself how much it costs to announce in Google AdWords, you have to know that one of the majors advantages is that nonpayments so that your announcement is, but only when a user clicks in him.

This system denominates Pago Por Clic (PPC).

The cost of each click will depend essentially on 3 factors. The keyword that you have chosen, the score of quality that AdWords grants to him to your announcement and the position in which this it appears.

Whatever money of that you arrange to announce, Google gives the opportunity you to publish your announcements of stepped way. You can distribute to your budget throughout the month and be able thus to increase of constant form the number of visits in your Web.

With a monthly budget of 150 Euros, for example, you can get to obtain up to 1,000 visits in your Web. Visitors who, you do not forget it, they have clicked in your announcement and they are, therefore, interested in your product. Something almost impossible to obtain with another system of publicity.

3. Effectiveness

In Google AdWords, a SME can compete with any great company in equality of conditions and for announcing its products of really effective form. This is due to that you can define the Objective Public to whom you want to go. It is possible to segment according to the location of your clients, their language, sex, I even interest… we can include our announcements in the searches realised from different devices: portable tablet, desktop computers and smartphones.

Your publicity will not be to him everybody, as it happens on TV. On the contrary: the people will only see your announcements who can be interested in them. Therefore, as we shelp, your SME will be able to compete against any great company for the simple reason that the major or minor success of the campaign will not depend on the amount of money that is reversed, but of whom it creates the best announcements and it defines better his Objective Public.

And you, already you are announcing to your company in Google AdWords? If it is thus, speak to us on your experience in the commentaries. And if not yet you have yourself bold, to what you are hoping? It contacts with a marketing agency online that helps you to design your campaign and sends you exciting (and profitable) to the world of the publicity in Google.

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2 Commentaries

  1. Nemesio

    Of form some Ad Words is effective means to obtain sales. Even though, really, they increase the visits to the published site, these are translated in very little sales, the majority of the visitors is “peculiar? or companies of the same segment that enter to compare their propagandas. The people do not trust the propagandas that appear in the first places because they know that they are there because they are phelp. Very different it is the result that shows to Google of natural form (organic) people knows that it is a “recommendation? of Google

    03-Jun-19 · 5:04 a.m. | Permalink
  2. Hello, Nemesio. It is certain that the announcements of Google Ads can generate mistrust in some internauts, but continue being, generally, an excellent form to promote a product or service. The results usually are very interesting. In any case, the best strategy online is that one that combines SEO and SEM to arrive at the greater possible number of users. Thanks for your commentary. A greeting.

    03-Jun-19 · 11:00 a.m. | Permalink

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