Communication of Borja Martínez: the experience of Petronor in the Social Networks

Borja Martinez - Cityua BilbaoNext the 9 of April a Factory of Digital Journalism in the press room of San Mamés, organized by the companies Petronor and Repsol will take place. In this factory several rapporteurs will take part, among them Borja Martínez Luzuriaga, professional of Digital Marketing and director of the Cityua company, which manages the Reputation in Internet of the most important company of Bizkaia, in collaboration with Triangle Publicity & Marketing.

The communication of Borja Martínez Luzuriaga will try on the experience of Petronor in the social networks, and how the image name brand must manage it professional that knows means. Borja Martínez de Cityua, will explain what is the corporative reputation online and why the companies must protect their reputation in Internet.

In the event they will also participate José Ignacio Zudaire, director of Communication of Petronor; José Antonio of the Moral, that will speak of the general context of the social networks in Euskadi; and Cristina Fernández, in representation of the Average Social team of Guía Repsol.

Next the program planned for the act.


Factory of digital journalism with the team of Social Average of Guía Repsol

9 of April of 2014

Sala de Prensa of San Mamés


09:15 Reception of the participants

09:30 Welcome and introduction

Bienvenida de Lucía Martínez, dean of the School of Basque Journalists.

Introduction of the director of People, Organization and Institutional Relations of Petronor, José Ignacio Zudaire.

09:45 general Context of the Social Networks in Euskadi

Communication of José Antonio of the Moral, partner director of Alianzo, the first Spanish company dedicated to the Social Average. 

10,45 Experience of Petronor in the Social Networks

Exhibition of Borja Martínez, director and founder of Cityua, agency of marketing online.

11:45 Coffee

12:00 Factory of digital journalism, “How the social networks to the journalist can help day at the time?

Cristina Fernández, of the team of Social Average of Guía Repsol – with more than 110,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter will set out the digital experience of Guía Repsol.

14:30 Lunch in the Arbolagaña restaurant, with a SOL de Guía Repsol.

16:00 Tasting of ATXA would patxaran. Pedro ?lvarez, director of Marketing of Acha Distilleries.

16:30 Aim of the day

Marketing Online Bilbao

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