How to manage what Google of our brand says?

How to manage what Google says of our brand?

How to control our Reputation Online?

How to manage what Google of our brand says? The companies in this century no longer announce, but they are related to the users.

A radical change becomes necessary of philosophy in the era of Internet, now the participation of the user is one of the elements key.

This is due to several factors:

  • The technology Web 2,0 allows any person to hang videos, photos, texts, commentaries to the news, commentaries to blogs, the social networks and a long list of others. The user becomes therefore generator of “indexable? contents.
  • The finders. They have become the main form to act in Internet. They show what the users hang in Internet, since this technology 2,0 allows that any user participates without hardly technical knowledge.

Therefore, Google has become something more than a finder, revolutionizes the reputation of the companies. What what appears on the front page of Google is transmits our company to our objective public. We will leave our Corporative Reputation outdoors Online or we will be in charge to monitor it? Google shows blogs, the news, commentaries, videos, etc. that speak of us. How to manage what Google of our brand says? From the point of view of marketing it is responsibility of each company to have the control and to do the possible thing so that in that front page results search controlled by her appear. We need to take to end a proactive control that allows the company to come up and to protect itself against attacks to its reputation name brand.

In order to take a monitoring of the corporative reputation it is necessary:

  • To permanently monitor the “noise? in Internet related to the company to detect of immediate form any source of negative commentaries.
  • To generate contents of relevance of constant and methodical form.
  • To make an analysis of the terms nails search that can take to the user to any information on the company.
  • Continuously to raise contents Internet, to have occupied the greater space possible and to reduce space to contents of third parties.
  • To optimize contents according to the terms nails excellent so that the finders index them, show them and of that form to have presence in Google.
  • To be transparent and honest in the information so that it has credibility. In Internet it is catched before to the lying one that to the cripple.
  • To have a system of crisis management in the reputation online of my company.
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