How to manage negative commentaries in the Social Networks?

as managing the negative commentaries in the social networks

They leave critics me in the social networks, what I can do?

How to manage negative commentaries in the Social Networks? To manage the critics in the Social Networks is a situation to which it is possible that they must face almost all the companies or brands once they create a profile in any social platform.

The Social Average allows us to interact with the users or clients of our organization, as much for the good thing as for the bad thing. At the moment, the people have happened to be consuming to be “prosumers?: not only we consumed, but we produce contents and we give opinion on the consumption that we realised.

Therefore, he is vital that a company knows to manage its Social Networks, since the present client has himself customary search information and opinions in the digital world on any product or service before consuming it. To know how to manage the negative commentaries in Social Networks is, then, essential.

If we commit errors in this point the consequence can be a hard blow to our Reputation Online and will be able to be generated problems within the community that as much effort has cost to construct to us. It is necessary to consider that the users who realise bad critics in the Social Networks on our organization are going to the hearing, not the organization.

Then, how we have to act before the bad critics in the Social Networks?

1. You do not erase the commentary. If we erased some commentary will be affected the transparency of the company. In addition, it is very probable that somebody has made a screenshot and discover that we have erased it. What we must do is to create a section within our profile in which a series of “norms? is specified where we show that those commentaries will be erased that contain insults, or that do not consider constructive critics.

2. To act as rapidly as possible. You do not leave negative commentaries them are long time without answer. You must answer by the channel in which it has contacted the client. From there, we can indicate that we put ourselves in touch with him by another means, but always you must write a solution in that public commentary.

3. To never enter a discussion. We must have present the phrase “the client always is right?. If the user has reason we will have to request excuses publicly and to offer a solution to him. In case the person is not right, we will present to him our point of view publicly so that they are reflected both opinions, but without entering discussions.

4. To offer solutions. If we offer some solution to the problem is very probable that we turn a satisfied angry client in one. In addition, if we solved the problem, perhaps the user publishes it in the Social Networks, which will add a point to our reputation online. Arrived here, we will close the complaint in Internet being thankful to the client its collaboration.

5. To monitor. We did not finish our work when we finalized the incidence. As of that moment, we must continue monitoring our Web and Social Networks to know the impact that has had this situation in our business and to act quickly if we return to find more negative commentaries in the Social Networks.

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