LinkedIn from zero: How to optimize your profile of Linkedin?

How to optimize a profile of LinkedIn

You know how to create a good profile of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn it is the professional social network par excellence, and has a great potential stops to generate business and use opportunities. Even so, most of the people do not know very clearly how to remove benefit to him. It is not rare to even see empty, incomplete profiles of LinkedIn or, yes, plenty… but of useless or inadequate information. Because no, asúmelo: to raise a photo of your vacation on the beach LinkedIn never is good idea.

In the end, so much is not tried simply to fill up data and to add images as of knowing how how to optimize a profile of Linkedin. In order to find work opportunities, to harness your strategy of networking or, simply, to have a curriculum online that he speaks well of you and your abilities when a hypothetical recruiter of a company introduces your name in Google.

To create a good profile of LinkedIn, one perfectly optimized, can be a laborious process. In Cityua we worked Marketing in Social Networks habitually, so we can make use to you with these 4 directives that will help you to begin with good foot in this professional social network:


1. It takes care of your image of profile (and any other photo that you raise).

We already advanced it at the outset: LinkedIn is not the best place to put of profile that photo in which salts taking beers with your friendly. Also you would have to avoid, by all means, the pixeladas images or blurred, the selfies, the excessive filters… choose a photography with good definition, clear, illuminated well.

The key is, to sum up, to offer a professional appearance. But taken care of: to go is as negative as to remain short. Photos of card sodas, identical to those of the national identity document, are something that any recruiter will see on a daily basis. You do not fall in the eccentricity, but either subjects search the form to distinguish to you: it uses a circular frame, experiments with the black and white one, test to integrate your photo with the image of cover of behind… uses the imagination. You want to seem professional, obvious, but also you want that they remember to you.


2. Your extract works, your professional title… works all texts, really.

I am going it to you to summarize: persuabilidad and key words. It tries that everything what value is seen somehow contribution or stands out some key point of your experience… and, mainly, tries that everything sounds attractive. The idea is that your trajectory seems valuable and interesting. It uses the extract to set out your race, your profits, your goals, your ambitions.

It avoids the titles and the generic phrases, that in addition abound in LinkedIn: “In active search of use? (it flees from that phrase, please), “I am freelance? (because it hears, by you) “Communication? (is worth well, and… what you communicate), events (of what type)… not only “does not seduce?, but also that they do not contribute anything special neither they help to you to that other users find your profile.

There is a significant difference between putting “Events? and putting, for example, “Organization of sport events and leisure in Bilbao?. Second not only he is much more showy and interesting, but also that gives a more precise idea of what you dedicate yourself… and, therefore, why other people could need to you. Persuabilidad and key words.

The key words also have their importance outside the extract and the professional title. A good example is the professional abilities and the interests, two sections that also you would have to pamper especially and to fill with the key words of your sector.

It thinks of strategic form. LinkedIn is not Facebook. Nobody is going to contract nor to make businesses to you with you because in your abilities it puts “Kindness? or “Don of people?. Of the same form, it is little probable that nobody congratulates to you if being been born in Spain one of your abilities is “Spanish?. And no, that your interests are “To touch the trombone? or “Comic strip of Marvel? does not ensure the professional success either to you.


3. Your profile enriches: I connect, presentations, videos.

LinkedIn offers the possibility of adding to content multimedia in almost all the sections: labor extract, experiences, courses, etc. Take advantage of it. The images, videos and connections not only will add attractive to your profile, but also that will serve to show you of clearer form your profits, to set out your work… to sell to you far better, really.


4. It requests recommendations and it participates in your community.

The recommendations would have to be a very important part of your profile of LinkedIn. They add value, they generate confidence and they help to gain credibility. How to secure recommendations in LinkedIn? Of the simplest form: requesting them and offering them. I know proactive. Instead of simply hoping to that your companions recommend to you, begins to recommend you to them to them. More likely they will end up doing the same by you, and all you will leave winning.

Beyond the recommendations that can offer your contacts to you, it is important that you have presence in the most important groups of your professional sector. It contributes with your own contents, it participates in the discussions, move… all this it will contribute to increase the visibility to you of your profile and will cause that your reputation online grows. In addition, an important detail: if you are member of a group, you will be able to see the profiles of all the other members and to write to them although you are not connected. Useful, truth?


Following these indications, it is certainly the interactions and the visits of your profile of LinkedIn will begin to raise as the foam. Happen themselves to you more do advice to improve a professional profile of LinkedIn? Tell it to us in a commentary.

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  1. Totally in agreement. If we want to remove to him benefit to Linkedin we must spend time in the profile. It is the only way.

    21-Oct-19 · 8:34 a.m. | Permalink
  2. Thus it is, Alfredo, it is not another one. Thanks for your commentary.

    21-Oct-19 · 8:50 a.m. | Permalink

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