How to use the Social Networks to promote your business?


How to use the Social Networks to promote your business?

How to sell more through the Social Networks?

How to use the Social Networks to promote my business? It is the question that becomes all those businessmen, entrepreneurs and managers of SMEs that consider to initiate their walking in the world of the marketing online, of whom the Social Networks are, without a doubt, one of the known parts more.

It is possible to sell more using marketing in Social Networks? Yes, without a doubt. But not directly. Or, at least, not of as direct form as one becomes in too many occasions. The presence of a business in the Social Networks does not have to be based simply on bombing to the users day after day with kindness of its products, and much less on sharing of disorderly and almost random form photos of kittens, personal reflections and messages of “Good morning? and “Happy weekend?.

To use the Social Networks to promote your business does not have to consider as detached activities. When we considered how to use the Social Networks, we must understand that our efforts must comprise of a global strategy of marketing online whose center is a website or designed, or optimized, to that to lead all those users who are interested in your products or services.

And you will ask yourself, what is what they contribute the Social Networks within an integral strategy online? Then many things, the truth. For example:

1. Traffic towards your website. As we already commented above, the Social Networks are an excellent form to direct a constant flow of traffic towards the website of your company. It will be, in addition, a quality traffic: users interested in which accounts, in which you sell, that will be I decide to click in your publication and to see what you must offer in the following step (here the advice to them are clear: he avoids to disappoint them).

2. Recommendations and valuations. Nobody is going to buy your product simply because you say that it is very good. Really: nobody absolutely. And the Social Networks allow to solve that you. How? Not only with the reviews and valuations that the users will be leaving in your different social profiles, but also with publications, commentaries, retuits, “I he likes? and all type of action will contribute to your company an important extra to him of confidence.

3. Publicity different from the traditional one. Because the publicity of all the life already bores to everybody. In the first place because it is throughout, and secondly because it is based excessively on the simple scheme of “This is very good >, Really best > Buys to me?. If you can “smell? the publicity to kilometers of distance, why going to be different your objective was public? The Social Networks will allow you to approximate you to the users of a different form, nearer and amiable, to establish a relation that works in both directions. You will discover that in the end you will sell more. And better.

Once established kindness of the Social Networks for any company, it is called on to return to the initial question: How to use the Social Networks to promote your business?

Each case is unique, and it is necessary analysis, study, to establish an effective strategy… is impossible to do it in a single article, but we can offer a series to you of directives that will help you much at the time of harnessing your business with the Social Networks

– It thinks well what Social Networks are most appropriate for your business. Not to need to be in all, and to raise it to you of that form will only take to you to fail in your putsch online. It investigates, it discovers why it serves each social network and which can contribute value to you… and in which you can contribute value to the users, by all means.

– It creates really professional profiles. Nothing to share jokes, to raise to photos of pixelados profile or banners… thinks that the users will evaluate your company on the basis of which they see in your Social Networks, and if the first impression is negative you will have it much more difficult. Ponte in the place the user: if your page of Facebook slapdash and is little taken care of, how they will be your products?

– Show to you active, you share, you generate contents. 100 publications the first month, 10 the second month… none from then. It sounds to You? Many companies begin by far enthusiasm, but normally they do not arrive beyond one or two months. Without strategy, without direction, objectives and, in short, without which to contribute they do not obtain results, and soon they get tired. The conclusion at which they arrive? “The Social Networks do not serve don't mention it?. Error. But not of the Social Networks, nor of the users, but yours.

 – The impact of your actions studies. If a product works, power; if a product does not work, it is rejected. Logical, it isn't thus? The same is applied to your actions in the Social Networks: it acts, it discovers what is what it works to you and what does not contribute anything to you and, from there, optimizes. And the process repeats, time and time again.

 You feel lost in the world of marketing in Social Networks? You apply these advice and even so you aren't able to find out how to use the Social Networks to promote your business?

In Cityua we are expert in Social Average Marketing, and are here for helping you. It contacts with us in or calls us to 946 531 401 and together we will take your company to a new level. Why to hope?

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