How to use LinkedIn effectively?

How to use LinkedIn

How to take advantage of to the maximum your profile LinkedIn?

What is and how to use LinkedIn? She is one of the Social Networks more used and one of the best tools for the use search. He is very useful to create your personal brand and to especially mark your labor objectives in the case of the entrepreneurs, to whom this tool can help them to catch new partners, employees and even clients. But, you know with exactitude how to use LinkedIn? How I can do so that my profile is attractive and it offers the results to me that I look for?

In order to begin, we must compliment the profile completely. This will be first that our future partners, clients or heads will see of us and he will create an image to them our. We begin by the photography: this must be well-taken care of, without excessive adjustments and offer a professional image. He is not advisable to use a national identity document photography, because he is better to use a professional photo of quality since it is the first impression and help to generate confidence.

The extract must be completed in its totality because it summarizes and it synthesizes your objectives. In addition, it must be brief and precise. The holder must be concise, uses key words so that to the companies is to them easy your search. He includes an email address and a telephone of contact at least so that to contact with you he is simpler. In order to understand how to use LinkedIn, you have to know how to put you instead of the user whom your profile will see and try to imagine which is the message that is receiving on you.

How to improve my profile in LinkedIn? It improves your profile adding recommendations. These must be of clients partners, old heads or collaborator. It is good for having recommendations but without going, three or four they would be sufficient for your profile. In the zone of presentation, documents, photos or videos can be inserted that can show your same product as much as. LinkedIn gives the option to show your location you, although if these arranged to change of residence are better than you do not make specific many data in this field.

What to do once completed my profile in LinkedIn? Once fact the profile and with all the perfectly filled out data, we began with the search. We as much look for people which we can interest to them, we as professional, as our product, depending the reason by which we have been created the profile.

He is advisable to create groups or to integrate itself in some already existing one, the appropriate thing would be to belong to few groups, nevertheless to interact in them and who are excellent for your profile it is important. He is fundamental to maintain the forms and educated being. However, LinkedIn allows to maintain a near treatment without needing using formal treatments.

He is not advisable to tie this social network to others as Facebook or Twitter, that have a more personal character and could harm to us. However to add to your webpage and your blog they could help to know you more and your products. The USA endorsements, this tool measures your knowledge and shows your results.

How I make to connect with true professionals? You must have well-defined which is your professional objective public, and realise searches in your network and 2º and 3º relation level. Objective: to obtain to a full network of 1º level of managers and recruiters of the companies of our interest. This allows to give you you to know among them and to be able to communicate directly between you.

To feed your network on contacts with great professionals to improve your contacts of 2º and 3º degree. The ones in charge of recruitment of a company are the profiles with more contacts, which generates more labor opportunities.

To secure professional contacts of my sector, that interact and they help to spread my contents me so that other users interact in my network. Networks segmented and with great dynamism.

LinkedIn is not a tool to which you without work must hope to have left to begin to use it. It is a Social Network that helped you throughout your professional life.

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2 Commentaries

  1. Linkedin is a good tool and I consider that it is important to be working it, has or nonuse. I believe that he is interesting to generate contacts, search opportunities or to even learn; but it is not the panacea of networking and the search of use: it needs dedication and work offline.

    27-May-14 · 2:19 p.m. | Permalink
  2. Cityua

    Very in agreement with you, Javi.
    It is a social network that offers many possibilities, but, as you indicate well, it needs a great dedication: one is due to work in her of a constant way, interacting with the rest of users and contributing contained of value to the network.

    Thanks for your commentary!

    30-May-14 · 6:52 a.m. | Permalink

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