Curiosities of Social Networks. You you know them all?

Curiosities of social networks

You had heard these curiosities on the Social Networks?

Curiosities of Social Networks, a subject of which likes to everybody. We live surrounded by curiosities. Often they surprise to us with the news and information, that at least they are to us peculiar and the interest by its peculiarity wakes up to us. Next we named some data about the used Social Networks more in Spain.

As much in the world as in Spain, the social networks that we used more are: Facebook, that are raised with the first position, and Twitter, the famous small bird that follows close by the “King of the Networks?. Probably this information already you knew it. But, you knew that they are more addictive even than the tobacco or the alcohol?

According to the last investigations elaborated by the scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the RRSS have a negative effect since they generate a great dependency to us. Another study realised by investigators of Information Overload Research Group has calculated who are 650 trillions of dollars the losses that they have annually generated to make use of them in the working hours.

The success of these tools comes dice by the personal satisfaction that it generates to us. 80% than we published is related to our personal life, and this we do it with intention to receive emotional allowances and it produces a as pleasant sensation to us as the one that gives the money us. You want to know more curiosities of social networks?

Centrémonos now on Facebook; the tool created by Mark Zuckerberg is full of a countless number of peculiar data. You knew that if Facebook were a country would be the third greatest one of the world? Ahead they would only be China and India. Also it is peculiar that until the 2007, in the initial page, appeared a head that showed the image of a man, and this one was not other that Al Pacino. The pa'gina was designed in a mixture of colors, bluish and white tones, with zero and some. The color used for this tool always has been the blue one, since Zuckerberg is color-blind and he is not able to differentiate other colors.

Another one of the surprising data but is that the “King of the Networks? is able to predict when we fell in love and we began a relation. After taking to end a study, they concluded especially that in the 100 previous days to initiate a relation between two users the number of messages among them is increased, in its biographies. Once formed the pair, the number of interactions in the network falls increasing the physical interactions. In the home of the relation, the messages are sent of more positive and sweet way, becoming especially remarkable the day in which the relation begins and both following. At the moment at which the relation consolidates, the messages among them fall remarkably.

On the other hand we found to Twitter, that it threw to fly in 2006 and was created by Jack Dorsey. Initially it was sent as a system of fast communication between taxis, but they did not take in adapting it as Web of global communication. The first message was sent by its creator in March of the 2006, in that it shelp: “Creating my twttr?. Twttr was the name that had assigned it to this tool but it was changed shortly before his launching.

Their easy handling and the rapidity with which the messages are sent throw data to us that seem impossible, for example: there are artists with more followers than inhabitants have many countries. It is the case of Katy Perry, that it counts on the first position in the ranking of most popular in Twitter. since it owns more than 51.360.000 followers. In second the put, popular singer Justin Bieber with more than 50.250.000 followers. The third position is not for an artist, but for a politician, American president Barack Obama, who is with more than 41.990.000 followers. Finally the outlandish Gaga Lady, that counts with more than 41.070.000 followers in Twitter and it turns it into fourth into the ranking of most popular of this network of microblogging.

All the users we are familiarized with the symbol #Hashtag but, you would know to say at the moment why we used this symbol? The use of the pad serves to mark key words, as it labels to classify the content of texts and images. Its use began on the initiative of the users of the network, being first hashtag “#sandiegofire? and sent from California during forest fires; immediately it secured great popularity between the users of this social network. At the home of 2013 the servant introduced itself I came, this time on the part of the company, a program that allows to raise videos of 6 second and to share it with your followers. At the moment every day 12 million videos are sent.

By means of these data of curiosities of social networks, some more peculiar than others, we see the power that have the RRSS, generate the necessity to us to visit them constantly, exempting to us of the real world. But when this tool is used adequately, it is helpful for artists, politicians, companies… that it drives to them to grow day to day. Reason why we recommended the users of these means that take care of their publications and that to program a schedule to review your networks can help you.


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