Design Web Responsive: It is your Web prepared for 2016?

Design Web responsive

It is your adapted Web to movable devices?

Design Web responsive? If this sounds to you to Chinese, we asked it to you of another way: is your webpage adapted for smartphones? The answer would have yes to be, since the number of users who connect themselves to Internet from of the mobile grows every year. For that reason it is important to create a good strategy SEO to appear in the results search through movable devices.

The last year, more of 50% of the Spanish population acceded to Internet through denominated terminals movable (smartphones and tablets) of habitual form. Another also interesting data is that more of 20% of the proprietors of mobiles they bought through these devices. For this 2016 it is anticipated that these numbers increase, and this is not other people's to the finders.

Google penalizes those Web sites that perfectly are not adapted to mobiles and tablets. Next we described some good practices to you that you will have to consider if you want to position of optimal way your movable webpage.

  • Your webpage must be responsive. We did not speak of aesthetic, but of which the design adapts to the different devices. In the following article of the blog of Cityua we explained to you more in detail what responsive is a Web.
  • The speed of load is important. You must consider the rule of the 3 seconds. More of 30% of the users they leave a Web if this takes more than three seconds in loading.  In order to be able to diminish this risk, responsive is recommendable to bet by a design Web worked well from the base, that is to say, the code.
  • Adaptable content. Not only the design of your webpage, but also the contents is due to adapt. You must consider the context in that the users of these terminals move and to design specific contents for users in mobility.
  • Bet by the premises. According to data offered by Google, 89% of the consultations in smartphone look for local information. If you wish that your business appears of natural form in the results, it spends time in working SEO Local. In Cityua we helped you to create a strategy SEO adapted to your business.

You have analyzed your webpage and you don't know clearly if friendly is mobile? You do not doubt it and it contacts with us in 946 531 401 or writes to us to We will help you to totally adapt the experience of your Web to the devices that your clients use.

If you think about Design Responsive Web, about a Web totally adapted to movable devices, thinks about Cityua.

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