Design Responsive Web: Of what it consists?

Design responsive Web

What we understand by Design Responsive Web?

Of what the design consists responsive Web? The design responsive Web is the technique of Design Web that prioritizes the correct visualization of a same page in the different screens from the devices. Every day, million users are connected to Internet through movable devices, as smartphones or tablets. These accesses already are around a 60% of the daily connections. It is necessary to consider the diversity of existing formats in the devices and that our Web must adapt to all the changes of size and resolution of the screens. The pages are visible in movable devices, but these designs bring problems as the load of the slow page or visible and hardly little legible formats.

The objective of the design responsive Web is to provide to all the users of a Web the same content without concerning the device with which they have been connected. The page must be available without concerning the size of the screen or the speed of load of the device. The experts in design Web describe it as the best possible tactics. This format allows us to unify the Web, to reduce times in the changes and to improve the positioning. A single is created website using CSS3 adapting all the contents based on the resolution and of the devices from where it is going to be seen.

One of the majors benefits that offer the design responsive Web is the improvement of the positioning SEO. Whatever more compatible devices you have, major reach will obtain your page and this will generate traffic. Google, prioritizes websites movable in the searches realised from movable devices. These devices use some specific parameters geo at the time of realising the searches, so that this one finds our Web must contain such parameters SEO. The duplicated content is due to avoid reason why to have a same Web for any device will improve our positioning and will reduce the work to copy contents of the Web of computer to the movable Web.


Some of the advantages that the design offers responsive Web are the following:

  • Smaller cost of maintenance. A single Web adapted to all the devices.
  • It improves the positioning SEO of the company, taking all the visits to the same website.
  • Great ease of use for the clients who visit it. One better experience for the user.
  • With the responsive design it does not matter where you share your page, all the internauts will be able to see it. He will improve the visibility in social networks and the users will be more prone to share it.
  • They will be easier to analyze the statistics of the visibility of the Web. All the visits would arrive at a same URL.
  • Perfect resolution of images. In case of new devices or new sizes, the Web will follow with the same clarity of design.
  • It will improve the image name brand of the company. Our Web represents to us and that this is adaptable to all the devices, clear and of easy handling, it will cause that our clients take a good impression of us.
  • Google, the used finder but anywhere in the world, recommends this type of design to all those that are thinking about creating a Web.


To what delays to improve the design of your Web? It changes the design of your webpage! Visible Beam your Web adapting it to all the devices!

You do not forget that we helped your company to transmit the confidence and image necessary to increase the sales!

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