Two very different forms to realise a webpage

to realise a webpage

Two very different forms to realise a webpage:

 1.  According to the criteria of the client:

Objectives to realise a design Web according to the criteria of the client:

  • – That the client enjoys his webpage and she feels proud.
  • – That the client is satisfied with the service.
  • – That the client has a Web to his style, with which she identifies herself, that is as he thinks that its Web must be.
  • – That the client feels safe and comfortable, and she does not need to leave his zone of comfort.
  • – That the users have much information on the company and know many details on their particularitities.

This form to develop a webpage consists of asking the client who indicates the sections to us that wishes for its Web, it writes up texts to us for each of them and who give the images to us that it likes. We will be in charge to mount all this in a beautiful design with which the client identifies himself aesthetically and conceptually.

In this Web the client will be able to develop yet details the history of the company and to explain their philosophy, to detail their departments, their programs of quality and diverse attributes to us that he stops are very important.

This Web will be centered in the company.


 2.  According to professional criteria:

Objectives of a Web following professional criteria:

  • – That the Web is oriented towards commercial objectives: to sell and to catch clients.
  • – That the Web is of utility for the users and is conceived for them.
  • – That the Web acquires positioning in Google.
  • – That the texts are optimized according to professional criteria of persuabilidad.
  • – That the users understand of direct form, clear and immediate what benefits contribute the company to him.
  • – That the Web urges target of the company to call or to fill in the contact form.

This second form to develop a Web consists of following professional criteria on marketing online contrasted and made a will. For it is essential to reunite to us with the client to find out which are the real benefits that contribute to their objective public. The best form than we must to bring about the sale in Internet is to obtain that the users understand the benefit whom they will obtain contracting the services that are explained in the Web.

One is not simply to count what makes the company, is to arrive much more and to communicate the benefits there that contribute these services. To the majority of the users who look for a product, a service or a supplier in Internet, they do not interest histories to them on the company, nor have time to read them, but they want to accede to the information of fast and direct form. They want that the information that they are looking for is expressed of clear form, so that it is not made them waste the time. Our effort will go oriented to communicate to them what is what they will obtain from the company, the gain that they are looking for. We must communicate to them that thanks to the services of the company they will solve the problem that worries to them.

This Web will be centered in the benefits that the company contributes to its clients.

This Web is not a Web for the company, but it is a Web for the users.

Which of the two techniques you love to realise your webpage? You want a Web for you or you want a Web for your clients?

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  1. If all those that say experts in marketing were conscious than it says this post, the business online would give a quality jump.
    Facing the clients, I am printing the post and occurring it to read before home a project. The worse thing is than to make the Web that really will work it brings many to you more problems. Why they contract to us if soon they are going to think and to decide mainly?

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