It evaluates your profile of LinkedIn with the SSI index

ssi evaluates your profile of linkedin with the index

Well worked your is profile of LinkedIn?

It evaluates your profile of LinkedIn with the SSI index, still you don't know it? The SSI index (Social Selling Index) is an indicator of your activity and competition in LinkedIn that allows us to measure our presence in this professional network under the same criteria of social selling (practical to establish relations with potential clients close by, being empathic and understanding its necessity). Its objective is that we can find the points to improve in our activity and, this way, to optimize our positioning in LinkedIn.

The index considers four factors to measure the effectiveness of your profile:

1. Your personal brand.
2. It finds the suitable people.
3. It interacts sharing information.
4. It creates relations.

Each of those four pillars has values between 0 and 25, therefore, the general indicator is based on a scale from the 0 to the 100. In addition, this index is updated daily and LinkedIn includes a comparison between the professionals of your sector and professionals in your network of contacts.

Advice to improve your SSI index:

Next we showed the aspects to you that influence in the four factors that consider in the SSI index so that you can improve it:

  • Factor “to establish your personal brand?. In this point you must make sure that your profile is complete with information of value for the sector, as well as obtain validations of your abilities.
  • Factor “finds the suitable people?. It connects with professionals of your sector.
  • Factor “interacts sharing information?. Joint party contained of value for your followers, participates in the groups, communicates to you through direct messages…
  • Factor “creates relations?. It visits other profiles to grow in connections being used the search that offers LinkedIn.

We must remember always that in LinkedIn we are continuously “selling? our professional profile within a network of contacts with numerous opportunities. It evaluates your profile of LinkedIn with the SSI index today and begins to improve it every day to grow in your sector.

LinkedIn is not a social network to which to only resort when you remain without work. It is a very useful tool for professionals that will help you throughout your working life.

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