Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads: where I announce to me?

Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads

Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads, which to choose?

Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads, with which I remain? As the organic reach that we obtain in the social networks begins to fall and these put in our hands more and more efficient systems of publicity, the inevitable question arises: by which to bet? In what social network I must announce to reach better results? Where I will see an authentic ROI?

A correct answer for everybody does not exist. It depends much on the sector, the needs… and even on the tastes, preferences and capacities. What yes that we can do is to raise the advantages and disadvantages to you of each one of the platforms so that you decide between Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads to obtain the greater possible yield of your investment.

The advantages of Facebook Ads:

  • Much greater reach, better segmentation. It is a size question: Facebook counts on a number of users much greater than Twitter. And to count on a so great mass users not only allows to arrive at more people, but also to segment far better, form the more it needs and trustworthy. Interests, behaviors, jobs, even pays! Facebook has been a time to him of advantage to Twitter as regards the publicity, and that also note.
  • Better answer. Generally on Facebook a larger number of interactions takes place that in Twitter, which facilitates that a campaign gets to prevail. In addition Facebook contributes to a much greater volume from traffic to the Web sites of the world, generally. Probably he will be simpler than your campaign unnoticed pass in Twitter that on Facebook.
  • It is relatively cheap. It is possible to announce on Facebook Ads and to obtain an incredible reach for our publications by ridiculous amounts, even 1 or 2€ to the day. It is necessary to make the things well, by all means, to create a campaign of Facebook really effective Ads, but once you obtain it the results are not too expensive.

The advantages of Twitter Ads:

  • Potential major of viralización. One of the keys of Twitter is retuits, as everybody knows. He is much more simple that a publication, tuit in this case, begins “to bounce? and ends up viralizando itself in Twitter that on Facebook. He is not simple to obtain it, of course, but the possibility is there.
  • Rapidity and naturalness. Many people use Twitter to inquire and to be abreast of which she happens in the world. In many Twitter occasions she is used of more accidental form, more natural than Facebook. And if your announcements just appear then, in that timeline that the people use to inquire or to relax in front of the television,… on the subway good, without a doubt will seem more natural, and therefore it is possible that they obtain an answer better.
  • Smaller saturation. The publicity in Twitter is not still so extended as the publicity on Facebook. The users see enough less announcements, so it is more probable that they click in which they appear in his wall. In spite of the greater reach of Facebook, many campaigns of Twitter register a CTR slightly (rate of click) superior, in equality of conditions.

Therefore, you have to choose Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads to announce your company? Most habitual it is to bet by Facebook Ads, of course, but the final answer depends much on the nature of your business, of your objectives and of how much you want to invest.

If you want to deepen in the world of the publicity in the social networks, a world that without a doubt must much offer to you and to your business, we can help you. We are expert in publicity in Social Average and AdWords, and can orient you to choose the most appropriate solution for your needs.

He contacts now with Cityua in info@cityua.net or calls us to 946 531 401. We will explain everything what you need to know to you on the publicity in the social networks, and you will be able to put to you in march and to begin to catch clients through Internet in a few days. Why to leave it for morning?

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