Facebook Canvas, what is and how it works?

facebook canvas

Facebook Canvas? That what is?

Facebook Canvas is a new advertising format available in the social network of Mark Zuckerberg, whom it has as objective to drive the sales of the advertisers in the movable platform. One is announcements in complete screen that are loaded almost right away when the user clicks “? in the wall.

According to the company, with this tool it is tried to diminish the losses in caused sales when the users lose the interest in a product because of the webpages that are not optimized for the mobile and they are not loaded quickly.

Facebook Canvas allows to create a unique experience with the combination of text, images, videos and bellboys of call to the action. The users have the possibility of crossing a merry-go-round of images, of making zoom lens and of inclining the mobile to have a panoramic image. Visually, it is a moved away very showy product of the format of conventional announcement, that until now offers a experience nonfound in the websites.

How work do the announcements of Facebook Canvas?

Facebook Canvas is designed so that any advertiser can create his advertising piece without needing having knowledge in code or to install a new software. The creation of the announcement multimedia is free, and Facebook only receives to publish it and to spread it. In addition, they offer tools to create the interactive announcement step by step.

Interest to You does Facebook Canvas? To create showy and customized announcements multimedia through videos, images and bellboys is, indeed, the best form to remove started off to him par excellence for the social network.

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