To manage your campaigns Google AdWords or to contract a specialized agency?

campaigns in google adwords

Why to contract an agency to manage AdWords?

The campaigns of publicity in Google AdWords can manage them any company by means of their own resources, is not essential that it is contracted a company that manages it. However, it is precise to study the cost in hours that is going to cause, in relation to the had results. Often it leaves more cheap to subcontract to a specialist who to do it one same one. To this it is added that a specialized company can systematically purify and purify the campaign until being able to remove sparks to the announcements.

It is necessary to very consider that if a campaign is well polished, Google lowers the price of much the cost by click. A first that there is to make to purify campaign is to eliminate the key words whose click is very expensive, although it gives many visits us. If we have a closed budget to invest in AdWords, the more cheap it is each obtained click, the more visits we will obtain with the same budget, logically.

On the other hand, it is necessary to purify the campaign in Google AdWords according to the measurement of conversions. For it a fragment of code of programming in the Web is placed, of such form that we can measure which of the formed key words in the campaign direct to the user to conversions. Thus we managed to avoid to pay click in key words that do not generate conversions if not that they only attract peculiar, to the competition, etc. The conversions we can measure them, for example, determining that the user arrives at the gratefulness page that is generated after filling in the form of answer of the Web.

Also we can purify our campaign, obtaining that a coherence between the formed key words in the campaign is and the content of the destiny webpage that we put. Thus Google lowers the cost to us of the click, because it understands that we are campaigning of quality and it awards to us for that reason.

Another form to purify the campaign is realising tests of announcements. If we placed 3 announcements that are opened randomly with the same word, we will be able to measure after a time which of the announcements urges more the user to click. This Google also awards it lowering the cost by click, since Google needs to show to less times our announcement to secure a click, so we were more profitable to Google than the competition and consequently the campaign leaves more sale to us. And Google places us in the yellow zone, upon the natural results, instead of in the right zone of announcements.

You don't create that he is very interesting to be able to leave upon the natural results and with smaller cost by click? It really can leave more cheap to subcontract AdWords to a specialized company that to do it one same one.

Another interesting question is that a professional of SEM knows how to correctly focus texts of the announcements, dominates the persuasive language in Internet, knows what type of expressions works. The texts of the announcements we must focus them towards concrete, tangible it and the specific thing. Normally the users we looked for in Internet specific services or products, we did not look for generic services, therefore it is as well as we must orient our announcements.

The conclusion of all this is that probably you must contract the management of your campaigns of announcements in Google professionals with experience who optimize the campaigns to obtain better results to smaller price, instead of to manage them you yourself, spending your valuable time and investing money still more.

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