Google accepts the right to the forgetfulness

Right to the forgetfulness

What is the right to the forgetfulness in Google and how to exert it?

Google accepts the right to the forgetfulness activating a form where the citizens of the EU we can ask for the retirement of personal data that attempt against our honor and privacy.

This it is the first step that has given Google after being approved the sentence of the Court of Justice of the European Union that recognizes the right the forgetfulness of the citizen. Nevertheless, the great finder notices that this new norm will affect to the transparency.

The request is transacted through this form that includes different sections on the information from the person who wants to eliminate her data. In this form one is due to specify the connections associated to his name that wants that they retire and a justification of why those data must be eliminated. The data that are wanted to eliminate must be irrelevant, obsolete or inadequate, otherwise these will not be eliminated.

Once fact this, the data will be evaluated by a committee of experts that will analyze them case by case and decide if this information is susceptible to take refuge in this right to the forgetfulness.

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  1. They have spent 6 years already and the right to the forgetfulness at your service continues being of the day. Google has received 283,748 requests of URLs already so that they are retired of its results search. Almost nothing.

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