12 useful tools to manage Social Networks

Useful tools to manage social networks

You want to remove tipsy to your Social Networks?

Useful tools to manage Social Networks there are many, and to know will help to remove them to you the maximum party to these platforms, since once you create your corporative social networks are not only worth with realising, publishing and to administer the contents. You must center to you in which it interests to him to the hearing. Of this form, you will know better your clients and you will be able to improve the marketing strategy. In addition to that, these tools serve us to manage and to organize all the publication processes.

Some of the best gratuitous tools for the management of Social Networks are the following:

  • Hootsuite. It consists of a board that helps you to have a general vision of the activity in your social profiles. The administration of contents in many of the platforms as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google+ and LinkedIn allows. In addition, it allows the collaborative management (if the case that occurs there is more than a person handling the social networks), and can be integrated with Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.
  • Buffer. It is a tool similar to Hootsuite that emphasizes by its simplicity. It allows to program contents and to analyze them later. This tool suggests external contents to us to publish that they have to do with our interests.
  • Klout. It measures the social influence that we have through our diverse social accounts and it scores to us according to diverse factors. In addition, it allows to program and to manage publications. This tool is useful for Facebook and Twitter.

If what you look for are tools to enrich your publications in the Social Networks, we facilitated some to you:


TweetWhen. This tool allows to know the best moment to send your tweets and to catch more hearing.

TwitterKeys. Tweets works as a bookstore of icons to insert special characters in ours. A good form to save characters.

Twitturly. It shows the subjects of which it is being spoken more in Twitter, and allows to share interesting connections with your followers.



Socialtools.me. Integra tools of Marketing for your Fan Page, as they can be drawings, contests, coupons of discount, forms…

EasyPromos. It is a platform that allows to create and to manage campaigns online. They are possible to be created up to 18 types of promotions, including contests, drawings, surveys…

LikeAlyzer. This tool realises an analysis of our fan page, indicating of very simple form the aspects to us that we must improve. In addition, also it allows to analyze other pages that are on Facebook.



Latergramme. This application allows to program content, but nothing will be published automatically, but it warns us the hour that we had programmed it.

Picdeck. It allows to organize the photos by hashtags or to your followers. It offers to us to have an account ordinate.

Hyperlapse. If what you want is to record videos, this is the perfect tool. Hyperlapse equips with stability to which we want to record, since all the content of Instagram usually is realised with the mobile. In addition, it allows to publish our videos.


And you, you know more useful tools to manage Social Networks to which you are removing started off? If it is thus, speak to us on your experience in the commentaries.

And if you do not have time to manage your profiles in Social Networks suitably, you do not doubt in contacting with a marketing agency online.

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