The keys of the SEO

The keys of the SEO

You know the main factors positioning Web?

Which are the keys of the SEO? One of the main sources of problems that worry to a businessman is to know how many people know their company. In the world online this trasforma in which your webpage generates traffic and this obtains by means of the positioning SEO.

It is important that the company is between the first results search of the main finders, thus would arrive before at possible clients. The positioning SEO consists of using different techniques for “liking? to the finders with the main objective of which these they position to us on the front page. The good positioning in tools as Google, help to have more visits.

These are some of the keys of the SEO:

–          Key words

One of the first keys of the SEO to position your page is the use of key words. The correct election of this word is vitally important, since the visits to our Web depend on them. It is necessary to consider, at any moment, the interests of our possible clients to offer our products to them of the form in which they can need them. This type of positioning this based on the searches that the clients realise.

–          Content

The content is also one of strength of the positioning. A good idea is the one to make first a paragraph introductory to the text in that I hook the reader and in that you can make use of the chosen key words. The update of contents helps to generate traffic, for that reason he is recommendable to update regularly. To publish duplicated content would penalize the positioning and will take to the page to the last results, reason why this must contain original and unique articles. The present time subjects will be dealed with a positive form.

–          Images

One of the most important sections of a webpage multimedia is the images, attractive videos and elements at sight. One of the most important aspects is to determine the size that your image will have in the Web and to compress it so that the load of the page is faster. The weight of the images influences in the time of load of the Web and can make us lose visits. The key words can also be used when naming the images.

–          Social networks

The finders award in first positions the Webs with greater activity. The profiles of social networks and the knowledge to manage them correctly can in this way increase to our visits to the Web and the sales. The social networks are great allies of the positioning SEO. The shared contents, “I like?, commentaries, etc. Everything positions. The use of this type of tools is already essential for any organic positioning.

–          Google +

Although Google+ is one of the many social networks, it influences of more important way to the positioning in the finder to which Google belongs. One is a tool of easy integrated handling and with the rest of tools of Google, as they are Gmail, Youtube, Maps, Drive, etc. The +1 I could resemble to “likes? of the other networks I have influences the positioning positively. Google+ allows to spread all type of contents as images, videos, texts, I connect, etc. A infinity of possibilities that will help us to obtain major visibility and to generate traffic to our Web.

–          Movable devices

He is vitally important that the design of the Web adapts all type of movable devices. The use of these devices increases, since at the moment it occupies a third of the traffic total Web. Even so these devices are very limited still, do not count on mouse, the keyboards more are limited and small, the screen is considerably small, the speed of load is slow, etc.


These are not more than some keys of the SEO to position your page. If these thinking about investing in Positioning SEO, think about Cityua!


If you are thinking about positioning your Web, it thinks about Cityua.

Ponte in touch with a consultant of Cityua to study here how to obtain yield of your Web.

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