Bad practices on Facebook: 7 errors that you must avoid

Bad practices on Facebook

What I do not have to do in my page of Facebook?

The bad practices on Facebook are the “bread of every day? that it sees or it undergoes any user of this social network. Next, we showed a series to you of errors that you do not have to commit on Facebook in your page of company if you want that your community continues growing and interacts with your brand.

1- Photos of bad quality. Everything what we publish in the name of the company becomes image name brand. If there is something worse than not to have image name brand is to have a bad image name brand. In the same way, to publish photos of bad quality, he is better not to publish them.

2- To take advantage a tragedy to publicize to us. It does not agree to share information on tragedies that are about to the present time to only have visibility. Although everything depends on the context. Yes a publication of these characteristics could have sense if the tragedy has to do with our sector or somebody of the surroundings of our company.

3- Constant publications every few minutes. We were on Facebook, not in Twitter, reason why we must avoid to saturate and to bother our followers. The recommendation is of 2 post to the day, leaving time between both.

4- To publish in an incorrect schedule. The publication schedule will depend on our public. But, as it regulates general in Spain, the ideal hours to postear are between the 13-15 p.m. and the 20-22 p.m., agreeing with the hours to eat and the final moment of the day. Although always we will have to take care of the statistics of our page. In case we go to a young public, we must consider that also is connected by the mornings. In addition, Saturday is the day in that more publications share, reason why we will have to be kind and to program some post for that day.

5- Not to personalize the URL. If you do not personalize the URL of your Fan Page you are losing the opportunity to position to your company in Google. In addition, to count on a customized URL equips with officiality to the account and facilitates its diffusion. This option you will find it in the section of “Configuration? of your page. Example:

6- Extensive publications. To the present consumer of contents it likes that they put the easy things to him, that they set out the excellent information briefly to him. Therefore, he is recommendable that the publications contain between 100 and 250 characters (3-4 lines). These publications I receive a 60% more “likes?, in addition to being shared more commented times and being more.

7- “I, I and more I?. This is one of the bad on Facebook more common practices. The best thing is to establish a weekly calendar and to follow the rule of the 80/20, 80% content of value and 20% commercial content. The great majority of followers flees from the publications that smell of publicity, for this reason, we must have well-taken care of not being always speaking of our company. Although, as always, exceptions exist (for example the page of Zara only shows its products, that are what his public demands).

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