Marketing of Contents, why it is important?

marketing of contents

What benefits contribute the Marketing of Contents?

The Marketing of Contents is one of the fundamental pillars in all digital strategy. It is a technique that consists of creating excellent content, of high quality and value for our objective public in our webpage, blog or social network. The objective is to attract that public, fidelizar it, and thus, to count on the possibility of turning them into clients, followers, subscribers, etc.

At present, the volume of information to which we expose ourselves in Internet is highest. Therefore, it is no wonder the companies destine great part of their budget to the actions of Social Average and Marketing of Contents. This is due to the great amount of benefits that contributes a correct strategy to us of contents. Between those advantages we found the following:

  • To position to us as reference in the sector that we approach.
  • Credibility, confidence on the part of our public.
  • Attainment of new clients, followers, subscribers…
  • Maintenance of the interest of our present clients or followers (loyalty and engagement).
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Generation of leads of quality to little cost.
  • To obtain feedback on the part of the consumers and followers, which is vitally important at the time of improving our activity.
  • Generation of new ideas of business.

But, to obtain results, we must consider four basic pillars of the Marketing of Contents.

  • 1. To know our hearing. What personality has our hearing? Which are their pleasures? What content interests to them? What needs have? We must adapt the content to our users. A basic quality of that content is that it must be funny or interesting, since is what attracts the users more and, therefore, more possibility will have of than they are shared.
  • 2. Differentiate to you. It contributes something that does not contribute the others. It creates a personality that does to you only. It emphasizes with graphical or audio-visual contents. The images attract the user and communicate or transmit of a look the basic information.
  • 3. It publishes frequently. It prepares a publication calendar. Of this form you will generate a great amount of content and will be easier to be able to create a community to ours around.
  • 4. It spreads your content. We must remember always that the Social Networks are an essential support in our strategy of Marketing of Contents. Joint party more in one go to the day your contents and, since we have commented previously, accompanies them always by a graphical support that it attracts the hearing and it invites to them to share that publication.

Would You like that a team of professionals with ample experience in the world of Marketing Online would help you to start up an effective strategy of Marketing of Contents for your company? If it is thus, you in touch do not doubt it and ponte with us in or 945 531 401. 

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