Marketing Online What is exactly?

Marketing online, what is exactly?

Of what Marketing consists Online?

Cityua is a company specialized in marketing online in Bilbao, but… What is exactly this of marketing online? According to the definition of Wikipedia, it is the study of the techniques of the use of Internet to publicize and to sell products and services. But marketing online is much more that. Often marketing with the publicity is confused, marketing is much more. In fact the publicity is one of the main tools of marketing, but not only it. Many companies have arrived at the success by means of their tactics of marketing, without hardly investing in publicity, orienting everything to the other tools of marketing.

The marketing consists of analyzing how to orient all the company towards your objective public and to implement it. To direct all the areas of the company towards the objective to give to better product/service to the profile of chosen client. One is not simply to send advertising impacts to them of supplies and advantages.

It is all the process to analyze which is the profile of public to whom it interests to direct to us, search the suitable product to us for him, to evolve it and to modify it, the relation with the client, the best form to give the product, the form to communicate with the client during the process, to choose the adapted form to receive, the more appropriate geographic zones, the suitable place to open a local office/of sale, etc. That is to say, to adapt each and every one of the scopes of the company of the best way facing the market. In fact, in Latin America marketing knows as trade or marketing research.

Marketing is not the art to sell what one produces, but of knowing how what to produce. Philip Kotler

Marketing online, is this same one, but in the scope of Internet. Sandal all that one action related to the situation of the company before its objective public in Internet. It implies diverse factors as the geolocalización of the company in the networks of geolocalización, the form and the moment for sending e-mails, the social networks, the massive video marketing, shipment of e-mails, banners and commercials of payment by click or impressions, the usability of a Web, the optimization for finders, the capacity to transmit the information effectively, the integration of the commercial process in the Web, the pick up of leads, the suitable management of data bases, the personal brand, the management of the corporative reputation online, networking online, the notoriety and the attachment name brand, the management of community in social, the management of the payment online, metric, indicating networks and the analytical ones of results, notes of press, webminarios, and a long list of others.

The main advantages of marketing online against traditional marketing are the costs (marketing online normally requires minor investment); the possibility that contributes Internet to measure results and the abundance of statistical data; the tail effect “long? that allows to arrive at an ample public much more, delocalized, crossing opposite and arriving at where it was economically nonviable to sell before.

Marketing online does possible to communicate of direct form with your public, to obtain its feedback, and to improve the attention to the client in the social networks of simple and cheap way. The users we pay more attention to the recommendation to other users in the social platforms that to the advertising messages of the brands, this brand before and later in marketing. To invest in the presence of brand formerly was to the reach only of the great companies with many resources.

Nowadays, any company can manage the presence name brand thanks to the social networks, the announcements of payment by click, the video marketing, etc., tactics of marketing within reach of any company.

In fact, Internet and marketing online it seems that they begin to be as the suitable habitat to manage the marketing of the companies, because every year the great companies destine majors investments towards marketing in Internet and reduce the investment in traditional marketing.

If you are thinking about marketing online in Bilbao, it thinks about Cityua.

Marketing Online Bilbao

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