New features in Twitter

New features in Twitter

You know the last new features in Twitter?

The new features in Twitter show that the social network of the small bird has analyzed which are the App that the users use more to improve their platform and to increase the number of active users. Twitter presents some changes that little by little we will be seeing in our devices. Which are some of these new features in Twitter?

  • Messages in group. This functionality that remembers to the groups of WhatsApp, will allow to create a communication deprived with several users. The only requirement that is needed to accede to these groups is that you follow the profile of the administrator, and who it also follows your profile. Nevertheless, you will be able to share this chat of microblogging with other users who you do not follow. We remember that at the moment to be able to send a message deprived through Twitter it is necessary that both accounts are followed.
  • Videos. With the new version of the application they will be possible to be recorded, to publish and to publish videos of up to 30 seconds of a simple way. This newness will improve the live broadcasting of acts and events.
  • Alert of the news. Last minute. With the aim of which the users do not lose any content of their interest and they remain more time in the Twitter platform, the company will last minute send a system of alert of the news and subjects of tendency.
  • “Instant Timeline?. This functionality tries to be a way to retain to the inexperienced tuiteros that after registering in the platform can be felt crushed with tuits daily. Of this form the new users will be able to select interest subjects, that they will be the contents that whenever sees it returns to enter.
  • Twitter Offers. This function already is active in the USA and it is anticipated that in just a short time it arrives at Europe. By means of this option bellboys of purchase in tuits will be able to be created who will appear in the walls of the users and who will be connected to landing pages where it will be continued the purchase process.

We will follow kind the new features in Twitter that there is in the next months and we will inform to you here. If you want to be successful in social networks, he delegates that work in professionals of the Social Average Marketing.

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