Why to manage the Corporative Reputation Online of a company?

Why to manage the Corporative Reputation Online

Why you would have to control your Reputation Online?

Why to manage the Corporative Reputation Online of a company? We like or no, all the brands are present in Internet. We preferred to be we ourself who we centralize that conversation or we will leave are the others those that speak without having no control exceeds what they say?

It is responsibility of the department of marketing of each company to be in charge to have control of the reputation online of the brand.

We who we control the dialogue in the network to be fast and agile in his management, and of that form are preferable to be to diminish as far as possible the damage of certain commentaries, and to try that our reputation is not outdoors or at random. No company that has been with a reputation crisis online thought that it was going it to have. Nobody is free of this risk.

Also he is preferable to establish our own platforms so that it is in them where the “noise? in Internet is developed, and not in other people's platforms. If they want to speak of us we will provide the platform to them in which to be able to do it, of controlled form.

What benefits we obtain in this way?

  • 1. To have knowledge and certain control on the complaints that take place in the social networks, so that they can be managed, empatizando with the people and avoiding who these complaints are viralicen.
  • 2. Creation of a community integrated by followers of the brand, who exert of ambassadors. We interact with this community day to day, contributing value, winning confidence, attachment towards the brand and good image for the company. We take terrain to the critics that can become in Internet.
  • 3. To generate objective information and images adapted, visible before the searches of journalists and informers in the network, so that their information on our brand or a concrete incident is not slanted. A reputation constructed on some solid foundations is much more difficult to demolish.
  • 4. Monitoring and control than we say ourselves in Google exceeds, our sector or our brand, systematically.
  • 5. Identification and pursuit of the sources of intelligence critics, that they can be detrimental for our image.
  • 6. Reduction of the visibility of this critical information, diminishing its impact.
  • 7. To defend good reputation of the company.
  • 8. To position itself as brand in Internet, occupying put outstanding, as main reference in the sector, against the competition.
  • 9. To act of proactive form allows us to come up and to protect to us against attacks to the reputation.
  • 10. To occupy all the possible spaces in the network, being created contained own, to reduce space to content generated by third parties.

If you want to start up a strategy of Corporative Reputation online or Marketing in social networks for your company or your personal brand, ponte in touch with us and we will help to develop an average social strategy you of success.

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