Why you want a webpage?

Why you want a webpage?

Already you know which will be the objective of your webpage?

Why you want a webpage? This question we are always made our clients who request a webpage to us. It is the fundamental question from which it leaves everything. The great majority of the Webs that there are in the network has serious generated problems not to have made this question before, that is to say, by not knowing why they make his Web.

The sad reality is that most of the companies make a Web by the mere fact that its competition also has it, because almost all the companies have it or because in mass media and on the street it is spoken constantly of it. “How I am not going to have a Web if everybody has it?. This it is the reason that it impels to them. So soon the Webs do not provide results, logical, since if beams something without knowing why, how it is going to work? It reflects on why you really want a webpage.

To do something because the others do it is not a justified reason, but unfortunately the human beings we are thus, we have a gregarious character, goes in our nature, we make the things because the others do them, almost never we considered “why? of the things, neither we establish goals or objectives.

Some people affirm that they made her Web to sell in Internet. This can be correct in case they have e-commerce, or lies down online, but it is not thus, are very mistaken, because a webpage does not serve to sell. Your webpage cannot sell by you, at the most it can obtain that forms filled in by the users arrive to you or who they call to you by telephone. But this will not happen if you very clearly do not know the objective of your Web is indeed that: to catch contacts. If you do not have a commercial process very clearly and very defined to transform those contacts into clients, as what it serves your Web to you?

It is essential that you make an exercise of empathy and you put yourself in the place of your potential client: why they are going to enter your Web, how they are going it to find, what impression is going away to take of your company when they are in her, what route is going to do inside that it impels to them to fill in the form or to call contributing its data to you of contact, how you are going to them to persuade so that they fill in the form. Does the Web of your company generate the sufficient confidence so that the visit gives its data you of contact?

You must know clearly the objective of your Web. In most of the cases, the objective will be:

  • That the users fill in the contact form or call by telephone.

This it is the unique objective that must have a normal Web of a SME that serves. Therefore, everything what it makes difficult or it is relaxing of this objective will be eliminated of the Web. Everything what does not lead to the objective you must eliminate it. If you know clearly why you want your Web… Outside those elements that do not contribute anything that “why?!

After establishing the objective of your Web, you must think about what doing for the attainment of this objective, that is to say, what elements you will put in the Web, what texts, how, etc. After “why? it comes “how?. It will only be possible to determine to us how to make the Web, if we know the objective very clearly that we persecuted.

You must do a series to you of questions before choosing who is going to make your webpage:

  • Really you think that WITHOUT a professional company in disciplines as SEO, SEM, usability, persuabilidad, integration of the commercial process, you are going it to obtain?
  • How going is nobody to see your Web if it is not optimized to appear in Google?
  • How you are going to obtain visits nor yield if you do not invest in campaigns of payment by click?
  • What sense must invest in design and not in visits?
  • How it is going to contribute contacts to you, if nobody has not studied how to persuade and how to stimulate the user so that it fills in the form?
  • Why you think that your Web is going to be a marketing tool, if it is not conceived by a professional of marketing?
  • Why you think that a designer, without experience in sales, neither to understand your commercial processes, is going to construct a marketing tool to you, nor to optimize your expensive Web to objectives?
  • How it can give you to objectives a person who makes your Web without asking why you want a webpage to you?
  • Really you think that your Web serves to you as something if he is mediocre, does not communicate and it does not transmit confidence? You think that it is sufficient with “being??

Some ideas about “how? to obtain the attainment of the objective:

  • To obtain that the Web has presence in finders (to optimize the SEO).
  • To start up a campaign of announcements of payment by click in Google AdWords.
  • To optimize the structure of the Web according to usability criteria so that the user understands it easily.
  • To orient the Web to the user, not to make a Web for the company, but for the user.
  • To implement the commercial process in the Web.
  • Confidence: to obtain a Web ordinate, clean, or structured, U.S.able, that shows the user which is looking for, is the best form of than a Web speaks or of our company and transmits confidence. The usability transmits more confidence than the design. Without confidence never they will give its data us.
  • To use persuasive texts, that they urge to contact. To follow persuabilidad criteria Web, so you must have a professional of copywriting. To write for Internet, is not just as to write offline, an expert must do it who understands how the user behaves.
  • Not to recharge the design, not to saturate of graphical elements, outside sound, animations, movement, etc. The users we looked for concrete things when we looked for in Internet and we did not look for beautiful Webs, we did not look for design, we did not look for shows. What we want is information that makes to us clear that the company will give the service exactly us that we looked for.
  • Clear, direct language, of you to you. No we want that they make us waste the time with trivialities, neither with comic strips, nor with poetry, nor with Literatures. Brief texts, short phrases, clean design, simple, clearly, direct, to the grain.
  • To speak in key of benefits. Brief, clear, simple and direct a formulation of the benefit that we contributed to the client. One is not to make an impression with our technical knowledge. Speech of benefits, not of advantages, attributes, nor utilities. It remembers that the objective is that they give the contact you, not to sell.
  • We have seconds to achieve the objective. The users we want to find fast what we looked for, we looked at a few Webs in Internet, and we put ourselves in touch with which it seems to us that they will contribute the benefit to us that we looked for. If you are not able to transmit it of fast form, clear and concise, the user will happen to another Web, and he will not return to yours.
  • Once you find a Web that contributes the service that you are looking for and flames the company to reunite to you, to ask for budget, etc. You return to visit that Web? For which hope that yours yes will return to visit it? Your objective remembers, once you make contact, the sale process normally happens to be offline. You are not a portal of the news, centers to you in optimizing the Web to make contact.
  • You do a Responsive, that is to say, adaptive Web to the movable devices, in 2013 58% of the consultations in Internet were from a mobile. You think that your users will have a good experience when visiting your Web if he does not adapt to the mobiles?
  • It uses calls to the action, it optimizes the bellboys, the phrases that they urge to contact, facilitates that they are put in touch.

If you are thinking about why of your Web, it thinks about Cityua.

Ponte in touch with a consultant of Cityua to study here how to obtain yield of your Web.

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