Petronor, the company with greater number of positive impacts online

Petronor Reputation Online


Petronor is the company with greater number of positive impacts online, according to the Ranking of Responsible Newspaper Impacts Online. This classification measures the number of impacts generated in Twitter and other average digitalises by the 70 companies with greater volume of invoicing of Spain.

Petronor, that for years uses Internet and the social networks to communicate with its local surroundings, is without a doubt a pioneering company in the world of the Corporative Reputation in Internet. No other refinery of the world has presence in the social platforms, and much less with so positive results. The fact that Petronor takes care of its communication in Internet has allowed to improve remarkably, over the years, the relation of the company with the neighbors of the zone.

This demonstrates what would have to be evident when speaking of presence in Internet: to generate own content of quality, to listen what they say of us to improve and to communicate of honest form and are transparent is the only way to maintain a good image in the network.

Petronor has its own voice in Internet, which allows him to always offer of first hand information mainly what occurs in the refinery of Muskiz, as well as to communicate of direct form with all the citizens of Muskiz, Abanto and Zierbena and to contribute value to them.

 people in charge of the communication in the companies would not have to give the back to the impact that their brands generate in Internet. It is important to take steps stops to improve our image in Internet and to begin to obtain as good results as those that already Petronor is enjoying. 

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