Why does your Web it have to make a company of Marketing Online and not a design company?

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Why to order your Web to a company of marketing?

Why does your design Web it have to make a company of marketing online and not a design company? One of the reasons to create our company went that, when analyzing how the webpages become, we realized of which few companies raise them correctly.

90% of the people who do Webs are designers without hardly knowledge on several crucial and high-priority factors in Internet:

  • 1. Positioning in Google. To know the criteria Google and their reasons for penalty, how to make understand to the finder of what treats each Web so that it indexes them correctly, how the structure of a Web so that shows it in his front page, etc. must consider.
  • 2. Usability. The crucial importance of which the Web is clear, clean, simple, comfortable, intuitive, easy of using, that it does not require learning. To orient the client so that it understands that the Web is not for him, but for his clients. The importance of the user experience and its conversion in sales.
  • 3. Persuabilidad of the messages. The texts in Internet are written of another way. You cannot make texts of your Web as if you were writing a catalogue, a book or an article of a magazine. A professional of marketing online only knows how some must be written up texts with persuabilidad criteria, that is to say, “to write up for Internet?.
  • 4. Commercial direction. Each and every one of the elements and functions that we put in the Web must lead to a unique objective. For example: “that the user calls or writes to the company?. Everything what does not drive to this objective must be eliminated of the Web. The Web is made to sell and point. Everything what is relaxing of the objective will be eliminated of the Web. To whom really matters to you, as buyers, all those rolls of the excellence of the service to the client, history, the quality standards? Know does a designer to integrate the commercial process in a Web? And a computer programmer? A Web is, first of all, a marketing tool and must be a professional of the marketing that conceives it, of the same form that an architect conceives a building, although soon take part bricklayers and plumbers, and in our case designers and programmers.

Neither designers nor programmers usually dominate what is a commercial process (although there are some exceptions). They worry to make “a beautiful? design, and only do well, because that one is its work, but must take part a professional of marketing so that your Web fulfills its objectives. This does not mean that the design must be ugly. For the others, the beautiful Webs; for our clients, the beautiful Webs, but mainly, that sell.

Our company is specialized in contributing all that to the Webs. We dedicated ourselves to think about the architecture of the Web, to orient texts correctly, to optimize the key words in each section, etc. Remembers: you do not order the planes from your house to a bricklayer.

If you are thinking about Design Web, it thinks about Cityua.

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  1. Of course that an agency of digital marketing knows the strategy perfectly to follow to make a good architecture Web as well as a good SEO. He is better to invest in an agency because they know what they become. A hug!

    10-Jul-18 · 9:41 a.m. | Permalink
  2. Without a doubt. Thanks for your commentary!

    10-Jul-18 · 11:00 a.m. | Permalink

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