Positioning SEO for Web

Positioning SEO for Web

Of what the SEO consists?

You have heard speak of the positioning SEO for Web? You have a company, and the full head of doubts. You have a good webpage? You don't understand why your company does not receive visits in his page? Don't Your clients find you in Internet? Your position in the finders directs more or less public to your Web. How you can do for being first and directing to the public to your company?

Every day more than billions of searches they are realised throughout the world. Of them, a 85% do not happen of the front page of results, and in many cases if they have not found what they looked for, change its term search instead of to happen to the second page. How I can locate my company on the front page of Google? How to optimize the positioning SEO for my Web?

To create a design Web and to secure a good positioning are two complementary strategies with a same end: to arrive at the principles possible people. Both concepts help to that more people connect themselves in our network.

In order to position our company in the first place it is necessary to use a positioning strategy SEO (search engine optimization, mainly Google):

  • Architecture Web: to create one structures clear and evident of the menu. To facilitate navigation through the Web to our clients. They must find what they look for without effort. Google will award to us if we offer a good usability Web to our visits.
  • Content of quality: to publish original content in our page will help us to position it in Google, is prohibited to copy and to stick content of other connections, this will penalize our page.
  • Search by keyword: to choose key words by which our clients can look for our product or service.
  • Adaptable Web to movable devices: to be perfectly visible in any movable device. Nowadays most of the searches are realised from movable devices. Google will award your Web ascending positions if he is able to adapt to the movable devices.
  • Speed of load of the Web: the time of load of our Web must be fast. For it we must optimize the images, to have a good servant able to show our Web quickly, and to purify the code very well. Google wants to offer quality in its portal, so it will penalize the Webs of slow load.

The SEO helps your clients to find your business online of a form fast and easy. With the positioning SEO you will secure increase of the traffic levels, more clients than know your company and more sales and gains.

If you want to know more forms in those than your Web can improve its position in Google, ponte in touch with us.

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Ponte in touch with a consultant of Cityua to study here how to obtain yield of your Web.

Llama to 946 531 401 now, you do not continue leaving it for morning.

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