Positioning Web in Google What factors affect?

Positioning Web in Google

What you must consider for the SEO of your Web?

The positioning Web in Google, commonly call SEO, is a subject in certain form surrounded in mystery. It is considered that in the positioning of the webpages, Google has in whichever hundreds of different factors.

On the one hand, Google considers the authority of your website as a whole and, on the other, it tries to understand of what deals with each one of the sections your Web, reason why must be optimized well.

In order to facilitate the understanding to you of the factors that it considers Google, I have summarized it, grouped and simplified in 6 main factors:

  • Factors of construction of the Web.
    To design a structure of sections adapted, that is not reasons for penalty, that there are not code errors, that the used technology is optimal so that it can well be indexed by Google, structure of internal liaisons, speed of load, weight of the images, weight of the Web generally, correct proportion between text and code, etc.
  • Factors of content and strategy keywords.
    To develop a suitable strategy of key words and synonymous and to implement it in the Web correctly, without forcing nor spoiling the quality of the content. A good content is one of the keys. To avoid penalties of Google by incorrect use of keywords, contained duplicate, on optimization, etc. To use a suitable domain. Optimization of Meta Tags. Use of bolds, cursive, ready, name of the images, etc.
  • External factors: connections from other websites.
    Although Google has reduced its value, is important to have suitable and categorisen connections from external Webs of quality. To eliminate penalizables external liaisons by Google. To have an external blog optimized good to improve the SEO of the Web. Not to make external liaisons of form anti natural, being very shameless, Google detects it and it penalizes it. Suitable frequency of the new connections. Better quality of connections than amount.
  • Use of social platforms.
    To construct an effective network of social platforms and to use them to improve the SEO. This factor has more weight from the last changes of Google in its algorithm. To construct the optimized social profiles for SEO, especially Google + and Twitter. To publish excellent, optimized and connected content.
  • Hosting and domain.
    To have hosting of quality, never one of supply. To control with whom joint parties servant. Location of the servant, never outside Spain. Antiquity of the domain and period of hiring also influences.
  • Analytical and purification.
    When beams a strategy of key words, is a bet. Once constructed the Web, the statistical data can be consulted, analyze the happened thing, think improvement action and implement them in the Web of periodic form, purifying little by little, based on the results that Google Analytics gives us.

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