Publicity on Facebook: advice to devastate Ads on Facebook

Publicity on Facebook

How to obtain good results on Facebook Ads?

Publicity on Facebook, an option really for all those companies that want to increase their reach on Facebook and to arrive at new potential clients. Facebook Ads, the advertising system of Facebook, can give great results, and is especially interesting for the SMEs with fit budgets. Like it happens to the publicity in Google AdWords, on Facebook Ads a small company can compete with great with creativity and the good planning.

He is simple to say it, but not as much to do it. To create publicity on Facebook is very easy and is reach of all the public, but to dominate it and to express it to obtain excellent results to the maximum are not so easy. In order to help you, we bring a few advice here to you to improve the quality of your publicity on Facebook and to begin to devastate Ads on Facebook:

1. It segments your public. Like it happens in other advertising systems, on Facebook Ads is crucial to correctly segment your objective public so that your campaigns are most effective (and efficient) possible. Sex, age, I interest, behaviors, language… you you know your public well, so you do not leave anything. Fix you to the measuring “Definition of the public? and try that the needle remains just in center. The campaign is not better than it arrives at more people, but the one that better results it obtains. And the best form to obtain results is to only show your products to them the people who can be interested in them.

2. I know clear and direct. The announcements of Facebook Ads do not offer too much space for the text, and anyway nobody is going away to stop to read parrafada. Any user of Facebook sees twelfth and dozens of almost identical publications on a daily basis, why one is going away to stop to read yours? The key is to capture its attention from forward edge. Who sees your announcement must understand quickly why it must click in him. How to obtain it? The same in the world offline: drawings, contests, great discounts, special supplies… you can fix them of many forms, but the key always has to be the same: it avoids to loosen “rolls? or your rate of click will fall in mincemeat.

3. It experiments time and time again. A great part of the process of creation of on Facebook successful publicity for simply by the typical process of trial and error. It changes the images, it introduces variations in texts, it tries to include you shoot with an arrow and small banners, etc. Facebook Ads is an excellent land for tests To/B, so you do not doubt in trying, trying and to try. Later, it analyzes the results, it rejects what it does not work and power which yes.

4. It watches your budget. You must always have a put eye so much the global budget of your campaign as the limit of daily cost. Ten in account that, generally, the more money you invest the more to people you can arrive, but the price of each action of the users (click, I like, reproductions of video, etc.) can vary enormously. Normally the own system of Facebook Ads will suggest how much money to invest to you, but, you know? It is better than you do not entrust yourself and you try by same you. In many occasions the amounts that to you Facebook proposes are inflated, and with a little optimization you will be able to obtain excellent results by money much less.

5. It renews your announcements frequently. Like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads assigns to each of your announcements a score to him of relevance from 500 impressions. As you will already imagine, whichever major is the relevance score, more hard you “will push? Facebook in timelines of the users. On the contrary, if your score of relevance is very poor, you will have to invest to majors amounts of money to reach the same results. By good that it is your announcement, the relevance score will begin to fall if you insist on time and time again being it the same people. After all, who would want to be seeing always exactly the same? The solution is evident: it recycle your announcements frequently. It changes texts, images and videos and mantén always a good level.

Applying these advice, in addition to a creativity pinch and I devise, soon you will verify that the ROI (return of the investment) of your publicity on Facebook is increased of remarkable form.

However, if you want to know how how on Facebook to harness still more the results of your campaigns of publicity and other social networks, the best option is, without a doubt, to trust a team of professionals. In Cityua we counted on that equipment, and we have in addition a clear objective: to help you always to catch new clients through Internet.

It contacts now with Cityua in or in the 946 531 401 and we will explain how to take you to your company at a new level in Internet and the social networks.

You do not leave it for morning: it begins to catch clients online and to harness your brand in the network today.

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  1. Bruce

    The truth I have tried of everything on Facebook Ads, and the only thing that I discovered is that it is just like to throw the money to the trash. Only that obtains to you, without likes in publications, which does not serve to you don't mention it if you are promoting something, as music, which is my case! In my experience, it does not serve, to less than than the only thing than you look for is to gain many likes in publications.

    04-Nov-17 · 4:35 a.m. | Permalink

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