What is the Storydoing and why to bet by him?

What is the Storydoing?

Storydoing, the natural evolution of the Storytelling

What is the Storydoing? If something abounds in the world of marketing online they are the technical concepts and with more or less resounding names in English. Breakers are always sold as ideas, but in many cases they are not more than old strategies, in some even centennial cases, updated and put to the service of the companies and departments of marketing.

It is clearly the case of the Storytelling, of which certainly you will have heard speak in many occasions. Innumerable definitions of Storytelling exist, but the base always is the same: to transmit the values, the spirit and the benefits that a brand not through the publicity contributes (or not only), but counting histories. Original? Absolutely. But effective, well, that of course that yes.

As always it happens to the fashions, and more with the fashions than they offer results, are many those that already have scored at the Storytelling. It continues being a very good technique, but no longer it is a differentiation factor. There it is where the Storydoing enters, the natural evolution of the Storytelling. 

Therefore, and returning at the outset, what is the Storydoing? Simple: the Storydoing is to happen of saying when doing. Of counting when living. Instead of to narrate a history that transmits its values, the companies that bet by the Storydoing create a history in the real world. Values are not identified with some, but they live them. The company, its products and the experiences that these provide become a history by own right, one that the consumers can live and enjoy, to not only listen.

Really, it is not as much tried to count histories as to provide authentic experiences. It can sound very abstract (and yes, partly it is it), but probably it will be understood better resorting for some example. If there is a company that has bet by the Storydoing, and with an unquestionable success, it is Apple. The company of Cupertino does not sell a mobile or a tablet; it sells a product that is identified as exclusive, which strongly it is bound to a series of very attractive values and that becomes, really, in the key that opens the door of a community, of a group - warm, cosy different from all the others.

To obtain that a mobile (or a coffee, in the case of Starbucks) is perceived of that way is not a miracle. It is marketing. It is Storydoing. Creativity, emotion, implication and a strong emotional connection. Storytelling elevated to the bucket. There is some businessman in the world that would not sell the soul by something thus, by consumers who see (and they prescribe) their products as irreplaceable experiences?

But not to make lack sell the soul, no. Is question to analyze and to know very well our own company, which offers and what it represents, to choose the appropriate contents and to position to us in the social networks and outside them little by little.

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  1. Hello, I would summarize in a conclusion this post, the present hearing demands real experiences, in minimum libreteadas, that allows him to be related directly to the brand, to connect with her and because not to participate in its advances.

    21-May-19 · 11:01 p.m. | Permalink
  2. Thus it is, Melina. Thanks for your commentary.

    22-May-19 · 9:41 a.m. | Permalink

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