What means SEO?

that it means SEO

Of what that of the SEO consists all?

What means SEO? The abbreviations SEO come from the English “Search Egine Optimization “, that is to say optimization of a Web facing finders. These abbreviations compose the word SEO, a technicality very used in the sector of marketing online.

The optimization of a Web persecutes to adapt it to the criteria of the finders, preferably Google (used in Spain by 96% of the users).

What really means to optimize the SEO in a Web?
One looks for that these finders understand what it deals with a Web, that values it as an authority in their sector and that perceives it as excellent with respect to certain key words search of the users, so that it can appear in Top 10 of Google (front page) as result to the search of a user.  The main objective of the SEO is, therefore, that a webpage appears on the front page of Google.

The value of the SEO
To appear in that front page very has a value appraised by the companies, since it can mean a continued flow of clients without the laborious classic commercial law actions of prospection, calls and visits to cold door. That is to say, that is the own client who puts himself in touch with a previous interest on the other hand.

Of this form, she is the client whom it buys, is not the company the one that sells, a shade that has important differences, since nowadays we do not like that come to us to sell, but we like to choose when, how and what we want to buy.

The companies that optimize the SEO
The marketing companies online as Cityua we offer, among others, these services of positioning Web or SEO. We take part in the webpages of our clients to obtain that they appear in Google as answer to the searches that the objective public does of these clients.

If not yet you have understood what means SEO, you can continue reading other sections of this Web in which there are more explanations.

If you are thinking about the positioning SEO of your Web, it thinks about Cityua.

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