Social networks: the effect of the Spaced Repetition

Social networks spaced Repetition

How to apply the Spaced Repetition to the Social Networks?

Social networks: the effect of the Spaced Repetition. What is effect of the Spaced Repetition? The spaced repetition is well-known in the scope of the formation, the learning, techniques of memorization, etc. is to repeat a concept with certain time intervals. We can apply this in the Social Networks?

The repetition generates familiarity, the familiarity generates confidence, and the confidence generates the sale. As consumers, when we go to the supermarket, we lie down to buy brands that is to us familiar, this is the normal behavior of the immense majority of the people.

We do it because that familiarity makes trust us the brand. He is not something that takes place of conscious form. Our mind accepts better a brand than he is to him familiar. The scheme: Repetition – Familiarity – Confidence – Sale, is a universal scheme of marketing, from always.

In the social networks we must constantly overturn content on our sector, so that in its mind this effect takes place: “What great company, how much they move, how much it is seen them, are the reference in his?.

We will generate image of experts in his minds. If we appear in Internet as experts, when they need that service call to us.

Therefore, in addition to other benefits that we obtain to use the social networks, we have to also benefit from this, with repeating the commercial brand in the mind of our potential clients. To give visibility and is present at to your brand in all the sites where it is possible (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, Slideshare, Foursquare, etc.).

If you want to start up a strategy of Marketing in social networks for your company or your personal brand, ponte in touch with us and we will help to develop an Average Social strategy you of success.

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