SEO in YouTube: 4 keys to position a video

SEO in YouTube

How to make positioning SEO in YouTube?

SEO in YouTube? Yes, of course: the SEO is not only used for Google and other finders, but also it can even be applied in the social networks (in our post it exceeds how to optimize a profile of LinkedIn we mentioned the subject) and in the platforms of video as YouTube.

YouTube works, in fact, as a finder more. And not one anyone: we could consider it nothing less than the second more important finder of the world, behind own Google. For that reason, to position a video in YouTube can bring many benefits to us, whatever our objectives (publicity, sales, branding, etc.).

It is necessary to consider that, as it happens whenever we spoke of SEO, the optimization by itself does not serve anything. If we want to prevail in YouTube, where the competition is really ferocious, we must count first of all on good material, good videos in which we have invested to time and dedication.

Shelp this, which are the keys to position a video in YouTube?

1. It writes up a good title: It tries that the title of your video is most attractive possible, than urges to click. You do not forget, in addition, to introduce in him your main keyword, to power to be in the home.

2. It takes care of your description: Perhaps almost nobody reads the descriptions of the videos of YouTube, but without a doubt they help to position the videos. In your descriptions it tries to always include generous texts, among 400 and 500 words. It introduces your main key words, as well as I connect towards your social networks and your Web.

3. You do not forget the category and the labels: It includes your video in the suitable category (nothing to choose an a at random or “to put?), and thus you will help to YouTube in the process to understand exactly of what tries and against what searches must show it.  The same is applied to the labels: choose them with logic and common sense, but, that yes, you do not forget your key words.

4. Social connections and signals: liinkbuilding is as important here as in the blogs and the websites. Whatever more connections (of quality) aim at your video, higher will appear in the results search. In the same way, whatever more times are shared, inserted in forums or websites and marked as “I like?, better. So you already know: It shares!

Ten in account that nothing of will work if the channel which you raise your video well is not optimized. From the description to the URL, happening through the title, the number of subscribers and many other factors, everything will have to be worked well if you want that your work of positioning SEO in YouTube for each of your videos bears its fruits.

Usually you work the SEO in YouTube? There are more factors of positioning in YouTube that soles to work and that we have not mentioned in this article? Pass you through the commentaries and you leave your track.

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