SEO versus. SEM


The eternal dilemma between SEO and SEM

SEO versus. SEM You want to take more public to your webpage or blog and you don't know how to do it? In order to generate more traffic to your connections online it has prepares a good strategy of digital marketing. To share your websites generates more traffic to him, being able to conduct this battle by means of social networks as Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and to produce good tactics of e-mail marketing. In order to position your space Web on the front page of finders two complementary strategies exist: the positioning SEO and SEM.

SEO versus. SEM.

The positioning SEO (Optimization Search Engine) works as a natural positioning. It is a network strategy that acts attracting public our webpage or blog. This strategy improves the position of our connection online on the front page of the finders. This space is visible and improves the visits of our Web with value content.

Some of the advantages that the positioning offers SEO are:

  • It is a profitable tool in the long term and that always bears its fruits.
  • Use of key words with which we can direct the search to the sector of our interest.
  • The finders to position the pages have filters that award the value content, and not the commercial one.
  • Properly optimized, you code will cause that the webpage is smaller and less heavy.
  • An optimized good site will cause that your Web works correctly in all the navigators. Your site can be seen by a greater number of visitors.
  • The finders regularly return to your site in search of changes or new contents, which implies that you can dynamically optimize your strategy based on the results that you are obtaining.

Disadvantages that can have the SEO:

  • The results are obtained in the long term.
  • You only can position some key words, following the competition.
  • It cannot guarantee the results with much precision.
  • The public cannot be segmented, reason why we cannot direct to this strategy to ours target.


The SEM positioning (Search Engine Marketing) is a tool that works as web search engine, more of the many strategies of marketing. This positioning works of way Rep/click, which means that whenever punctures in our connection we must pay to the finder, but in return this our Web in the first positions of the front page has positioned us before.

Advantages that to us a SEM positioning offers:

  • High short term yield, the page is positioned from the home on the front page.
  • Possibility of positioning all the wished words.
  • To determine to what people are going to arrive our page, to program SEM campaign for different localities.
  • To segment different web search engines.

Disadvantages of SEM:

  • It is a method of payment by click.
  • At the moment that you stop paying, your page disappears of the finders.
  • In case the Web on which it counts the company is bad, the finders will penalize it.

The best option is to invest in both strategies and to make compatible them. When a company begins to sail by the network, it must begin creating a good strategy SEO and while this it begins to give his benefits, to invest in SEM positioning. This it will bear his fruits from the first moment and it will help us with the SEO. Little by little the investment of SEM can be lowering.


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3 Commentaries

  1. Very good article, very right the comparisons, but in my opinion the SEO is but important, it is as the fame that one gains and that soon follows to him. When it worked more and more in businesses pedian translation with optimization SEO to maintain pagerank in other languages. Greetings.

    26-May-16 · 9:32 a.m. | Permalink
  2. Of course, Héctor. It is possible to be shelp that the SEO is the basic race, the work of the day to day. Thanks for your commentary 🙂

    26-May-16 · 9:40 a.m. | Permalink
  3. The article is very complete and clear to understand, congratulations. And the final advice, to combine both options, SEO and SEM, is adapted to secure the best results as much short as in the long term.

    23-Abr-18 · 12:37 p.m. | Permalink

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