Factory of digital journalism of Petronor and Repsol

Factory of digital journalism of Petronor

Cityua and the experience of Petronor in Social Networks

The past 9 of April, a factory of digital journalism organized by Petronor and Repsol took place in the press room of San Mamés. In this day several professionals participated: among them, Borja Martínez Luzuriaga, director of Cityua.

José Ignacio Zudaire, director of Communication of Petronor, gave the welcome to the factory of digital journalism and made an introduction observing the fast evolution of the digital world and the effort of Petronor by its management of the reputation online.

Borja Martínez Luzuriaga spoke on the experience of Petronor in the social networks and set out the work that Cityua in the matter of social average and reputation online for the refinery carries out. Borja explained why the companies must protect their reputation in Internet and how this work must be carried out by professionals who know means.  

In this chat, our Borja director indicated that Petronor is pioneering in the world of the social networks since no other refinery in the world with presence in the social average does not exist. The journalists who attended the factory of digital journalism listened how this work in social networks has improved the relation with the neighbors of the zone and now Petronor has its own voice in Internet.

After a small visit by San Mamés, Cristina Fernández, of the team of Social Average of Guía Repsol, gave several advice useful to journalists to improve the management of the social networks in the development of its profession.

We left the video you summarize of the day of the Factory of digital Journalism.


And the news article that published Deia on the factory:

Deia factory ditigal journalism

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