Tendencies in Social Networks

tendencies in social networks

Which are the Social Networks of greater interest?

The tendencies in Social Networks that we were at this moment have as protagonists to Twitter and Instagram, that, avoiding to Facebook, is positioned as the most important networks at international level.

The Social Networks undergo constants changes in their operative one. Nowadays, these changes have brought about a great height in the use and notoriety of Instagram, whereas we can speak of a stagnation in the case of Twitter.

Instagram must its increase of use, as much on the part of users as of companies, to the conquest of the millennial market (young between 20 and 35 years that can be denominated as “native digitalises?). Between its last innovations, the company has facilitated the management of an account multimedia. Of this form, the users can simultaneously manage up to five accounts within the same app, which will be to them especially useful to all those that they work with corporative accounts. In any case, many experts have been time warning that the users of Instagram begin to signal of saturation against as much publicity, and the levels of engagement, indeed, fall.

In the case of Twitter, the 2015 as it began it, with around 320 million users at world-wide level practically finalized. Under growth of its base of users, that in addition is very reduced in comparison with the one of the competition (Facebook, for example, it has almost 1,600 million users), as well as the problems to mint they have it to the company sunk in a permanent crisis of which it does not seem easy to find exit.  Seen the data, quite poor, Twitter it announced a series of measures with the aim of improving its statistics. One of them, whom it has generated quite controversial, is the one to show tuits more recent based on its relevance and not by chronological order, since he has been habitual until now.


Recommendations for a good management of the Social Networks

A suitable management of the Social Networks is essential for any organization nowadays. Therefore, the following advice will be very useful to take to end your Average Social strategy to you.

  • To know the user. First of everything he is to know our objective public: his characteristics, I interest… What is what they hope to find in our profile? The tools which we have thanks to the technology allow us to construct our data bases of way very defined, which will help us to offer to the user which really needs and looks for.
  • Excellent content. “I? forget to you. One is not due to saturate continuously to the followers speaking of us and than we do. We must offer an excellent content for the users, contribute value to them. To saturate of information causes that the followers get tired and the only thing who we will obtain they are unfollows. The rule that usually is applied is the one of 80-20: 80% of useful content for the user and 20% of content exceed we.
  • Rapidity in the answers to the users. Between the tendencies in social networks, we were with that they have become communication tools in which the users show their doubts, suggestions or claims. The followers demand rapidity at the time of resolving their claims. In addition, the lack of answers on the part of the companies, or the delay in the same, transmits an image of carelessness and unconcern that will not favor anything to our strategy.

If you want to start up a strategy of Marketing in Social Networks for your company or your personal brand, ponte in touch with us and we will help to develop to a strategy Web and Social Average you of success.

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