Usability Web, why it is so important?

the importance of the usability Web

Why I have to take care of the usability of my Web?

Usability Web. Not you suenta this concept? We talked about to the experience of the user in our page, that is to say, that our space in Internet responds to the expectations of the user and it is easy to use.

We leave from the idea that Google looks for to give the best possible experience to the people, and places in the first positions those Webs that respond to the needs or expectations of the same.

What we want to obtain is that the people sail more time in our webpage, that is a smaller “rate by ricochet? and, thus, we will improve our positioning online. For it, we must offer a useful, either organized within design or structured information. Reason why we will have to take care of the simplicity, naturalness and ease of use.

The four questions that we must ourselves do on our website respond to four pillars that will help us to know if the Web responds to a good experience of user:

  • Facility of learning. To Him easy to the user to carry out the basic tasks the first is time that interacts with my page?
  • Efficiency. When the users have learned to use my interface, they can execute the tasks in her quickly?
  • Memorabilidad. When the users return to use my page after not to have gone to her for a long period of time, they manage to handle itself easily in her?
  • Satisfaction. To Them nice to the users is the use of my page?

In addition, we must consider that the visitor sees what she interests to him and is only impatient, for this reason, is important that our website fast loading, if no, automatically, she will leave our page and she will increase the “rate by ricochet?.

The benefits that we will obtain taking care of these advice will be the following:

– Reinforcement of the image name brand.
– Increase of sales, if our Web is directed to the electronic commerce.
– Increase of rates of conversion.
– Loyalty.
– Reduction of costs.
– Optimization of labor processes of Intranet, reason why will increase the productivity.


You think that your Web does not respond to the usability terms? You do not doubt it and it contacts with us in 946 531 401 or writes to us to We will help you to totally adapt the experience of your Web to the users.

If you think about Usability Web, it thinks about Cityua.

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