Videollamadas group in Skype

Videollamadas group in Skype

Calls of video in group through Skype

The Skype platform allows that we communicate by means of text, voice and video from 2003. He is one of the best services and applications than exist to realise calls and videoconferences. Skype has improved its service and now, since the end of April, it allows to realise free videollamadas group.

Reunite with your relatives and friendly to you in the same group videollamada with a few clicks of mouse. With this function, (with a limit of 10 participants) you will be able to speak simultaneously and to formulate plans of trip, to make decisions in group or to share the photos of vacation with all the participants of the call. To initiate group videollamada is very simple: it is so easy that they less than teach it to you in a minute in a video of his official webpage.

The group calls have up to 10 different emissions of video: Mac, Windows and Xbox One, and although the users of movable devices cannot initiate group videollamada, yes can participate in her.

Prove it and reunite to you with your loved ones!

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