Of Web 1,0 to Web 2.0

1,0 Web and Web 2.0

How it was the evolution of Web 1,0 to Web 2.0?

How it was the evolution from 1,0 Web and Web 2,0 to Web 3.0? It was in years 60 when we saw be born one from the most important inventions of modern history: Internet. Even so, it would not be until the decade of the 90 when Internet would lay way between us and we began to sail by the network. In their origins the pages were flat, we only found texts. The designs did not take in incorporating images and little by little it has been carried out the evolution Web, until nowadays that we can find videos, animations, spaces dedicated to 3D, etc. But, how they were the Webs when we began to use Internet?

In the Nineties one spread and I consolidate the call Web 1,0, the home of something new that it would change to us. The modems were slow and noisy, nothing that to see with those of nowadays. The information search was difficult and slow, not yet Google and Bing existed that have become our great allies, and the finders were rather directory. In Spain, the finders more used then were Olé and Ozú.

There are great characteristics that this Web 1,0 leaves us, for example, the monotonous pages. Often we found formats seemed, in the home of animated page GIF of showy colors, great accountants of visits with great visual weight, dark texts written in “Comic sans?, bottoms or of distorted drawings that made difficult the reading, and how no, images cut at the end of this one. The documents of the page to which the users acceded not were modified.

The home of a new time brought it to us in 2003 Web 2,0, the most important turn for Internet, a great revolution in the world online. The applications and websites of this new format turned 10 years ago to the user into the great protagonist of the pages. No longer they were the companies and organisms the only ones that generated contents in Internet. Now any user can make it with some simple knowledge. The main intention of the programmers and designers began to concentrate in creating intuitive tools of easy handling and, that they were to them attractive to the users and from this form to create a dynamic Web in which all we had our space.

This Web 2,0 was designed in touch to remain constantly, becoming and perfecting day to day, increasing its variety and wealth. Nowadays, after more than 10 years, these spaces own great capacity to store information, to make visible the contents and to allow the user a easy access them.

In spite of the great changes undergone in a few years and the great acceptance that this tool has secured, the specialists continue working in generating an improved network, Web 3,0, or semática Web, with new and superiors propose to offer a more complete service, than she advances to quick step towards the semantic understanding of the content of the Webs on the part of the machines. This change is due to the necessity to complete the service offered by old Web 2.0.

The great models that have taken to end this evolution have been the contents communicative multimedia, services, as the chat, channels RSS, e-mail, the horizontal communication and mainly the possibility of interaction of the users.

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